Lakes Distillery The Whiskymaker’s Edition Liberty Single Malt English Whisky

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An exciting online exclusive release from the Lakes Distillery, The Whiskymaker’s Edition Liberty Single Malt is a beautiful malt whisky.

The Whiskymaker’s Edition(s)

The Lakes Distillery has created The Whiskymaker’s Editions as an intriguing series showcasing their skills at the art of whisky making. This is where they release exciting limited editions matured in different ways and explore new ways to finish their malt. Typically, the Lakes Distillery makes malts with sherry led flavour profiles. 

The Whiskymaker’s Editions allows them to create something aside from this and really explore different maturation techniques on their malt.

The distillery was founded in 2014 and has thrived as one of the leading English distilleries around today. They were at the forefront of the resurgence in English whisky and continue to thrive. The Whiskymaker’s Editions is one of the latest in their innovative exploration into finishing malt. As well as Liberty they also have Sequoia and Recuerdo, which are also well worth a look into.

It is not just the malt that is extraordinary, but the concept behind it as well. They do not use the name Liberty lightly, using it to signify that this whisky is “Free from the restrictions and influence of tasting notes and cask specifications it is a blank canvas for the drinker, and we invite you to follow our lead and embrace the liberty to experience and interpret this creation any way you please.”

No tasting notes?

Contrary to almost every malt that has ever been released, Liberty doesn’t come with a set of tasting notes. So you really have to try it to understand what’s gone into it, which is exactly what the distillery want you to do.

They say, “We invite you to follow our lead and embrace the liberty to experience and interpret this creation anyway you please, free from the influence of our tasting notes”. That is quite an invitation, and can you really say no?

What are your thoughts on Liberty Single Malt English Whisky? Do you appreciate that it has no tasting notes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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