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The Great Drams Gin Blog

A gin blog? On a site named Great Drams?

It’s true that Great Drams as a site primarily focuses on whisky. But, as I frequently say, Great Drams is one man’s mission to share and inspire everything great about whisky, whiskey, gin, beer and fine dining. It’s here that I turn my attention to gin, and below you’ll find gin news, reviews, my recommendations and gin-related updates.

It’s rumoured that gin itself began life as a herbal medicine. If that is indeed true, it certainly didn’t take long for people to discover the joys of the juniper berry when consumed of an evening. The popularity of gin soared following its initial introduction here in England, before increased taxation triggered a period of relative lull. Today, fuelled largely by a surge in boutique gin distillers, gin sales are beginning to creep back up. The new distilleries have opened the floodgates to far more adventurous and high-end gin varieties, many of which I cover on the Great Drams gin blog.