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The Foxdenton Estate has been in the hands of the same family for centuries, passing from generation to generation ever since 1367.

It was turned into a family run company in the 1930s and since then has flourished into public grounds and a successful tourist attraction.

It is now in the capable hands of Nicholas Radclyffe, who took control of the estate in 2001 after the passing of his father.

The Radclyffe family has long upheld the tradition of making home made fruit Liqueurs that goes hand in hand with field sports such as hunting and shooting.

And with an age old family recipe to use, they have released these Liqueurs to the wider public.

The Foxdenton Estate Distillery does a number of different and exciting releases, including various Gins and Liqueurs.

They make use of the English countryside around them through Gins such as Rhubarb, Damson and Sloe, and also make a variety of jams and jellies with a Gin twist.

One of their most prestigious Gins is the 48% London Dry, known as the Foxdenton 48.

This is an award winning Gin that is making waves all over the world including the accolade of Silver Outstanding in the London Dry Gin category of the International Wines & Spirits competition in 2014.

This expression is made with the finest organic botanicals and was tried and tested many times before the final recipe was settled on.

Its base is filled with coriander and juniper that come out strongly on the nose.

This Gin has a huge amount of character from the get go.  The nose is filled with flavour that will entice everyone to try more.

Under the intriguing juniper flavours are spices with a rich, earthy note to them.  Think dusty cinnamon and nutmeg with a grassy quality to them.

These continue into the palate, where you are met with a wonderfully creamy mouth feel.

This is a Gin with a great thickness and luxuriousness to the mouth feel and the flavours add a delicate elegance.

The flavours are filled with botanicals and citrus zest.  Coriander and juniper are ever present and are complemented with a terrific lime and lemon note.

The citrus makes this Gin refreshing, with a delicious tang to the spicier notes.

The botanicals are of the best quality and taste amazing.  The coriander and Angelic root leave a lasting impression from this Gin, with a delicate yet intriguing flavour.

These notes continue into the finish, which like the nose is packed with flavour.  The earthy, grassy notes come back and combine eagerly with the spices and botanicals.

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