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Created by husband and wife team Jym and Marie, Tinker Gin is a British Gin made in a Spanish style.

They were inspired by a trip to Barcelona, where they embraced the Spanish style Gin and Tonics that are packed with ice and beautifully served.

This ignited a spark in the couple and they have been a little obsessed with Gin ever since. But we’re all glad they are, as it has led them to create both a Gin festival, literally called Gin Festival, as well as they’re own brand: Tinker Gin.

Their events company was borne out of their desire to share the many wonderful Gins they came across and Tinker Gin as a brand came out of their passion to create some of the best spirit around.

The Gin market itself is currently seeing a boom in interest from the consumer, with Gin moving away from the traditional image of an old lady’s drink and more towards a fashionable spirit with a bit of throw back to it.

Nostalgia aside, people are becoming more interested in Gin for its diversity and versatility.

This is the idea that Tinker Gin is setting out to capture. It is a thoroughly modern spirit with all the quality of tradition behind it.

It was partly crowdfunded and is promoted as small batch, capturing the perfect qualities to make a craft spirit.

The Tinker Gin review notes...

Clearly, no Tinker Gin review would be complete without tasting notes, so without further ado…

People are turning towards spirits that have some personality behind them and Tinker Gin fits the bill perfectly.

The packaging is also a wonderful mix of modern and traditional, with a simple yet effective look to it.

It is bright and eye catching, but with limited writing, so you know exactly what it is you are buying.

The liquid inside is pretty damn impressive, too. It is crafted to make the perfect “Gintonic”, which might just sound like I’m leaving out the “and” of “Gin and Tonic” but actually this is what the Spaniards refer to Gin and Tonics as.

It is served in a balloon copa glass with ice and lots of different garnishes such as flowers and herbs. It is a movement away from the traditional, somewhat more boring G&Ts.

To complement this idea, Jym and Marie have created a Gin that is full of flavour.

Tinker begins with a nose of summer berries, with a slight hint of mint and basil. This gives it a fresh side, with a light background to it.

The palette is full of fruit and flowers. It is loaded with lemona, limes and crisp apples to give a soft bite to it.

These are complemented with a gentle blossom and petal flavour that comes through.

It is all wrapped up with a slightly spicy finish that is bursting with earthy notes such as juniper and cassia root.

Review summary

This is a diverse Gin that is receiving brilliant reviews from critics and consumers alike. It certainly presents something different to the more traditional dry Gins that are also coming back into fashion.

If you find yourself with a craving for a gintonic any time soon, this is definitely the spirit you should be filling your copa glass with!


Where to buy

At the time of writing, you can pick up a bottle of Tinker from Amazon. Failing that an online search’ll do the trick.

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