Rock Oyster 18 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Independent blenders Douglas Laing have lots of imaginative and interesting blends. Rock Oyster is one of these.

It sits amongst other intriguing drams such as Timorous Beastie and Scallywag, which are just a few of the quirky names and characters that the brand come up with.

Rock Oyster is their Island offering, and Rock Oyster 18 is a limited edition 18-year-old version of the original.

It is made up of drams from Arran, Jura, Orkney and Islay and is an especially seaside themed malt.

The nose opens with lots of sea-salted smoke and sweet candied citrus peels. Oranges and lemons make the biggest impression and go perfectly with the thick, dull peat.

This dram has all the big flavours of the best island malts and brings them altogether in one delicious bottling.

The nose continues with more seaside notes of oil and brine, and a rich waft of pungent peat smoke.

The oak of the barrel comes through with a little hint of warming pepper and spice to it.

The palate it just as rich and thick with flavour. There is a big sea breeze on the palate that is hardy and salty.

It brings more oil and a little bit of seaweed flavours with it. The salt goes well with the peat.

The oak from the nose also becomes sweeter and more like vanilla on the palate. It is smooth and easy going, giving a mellower side to the dram.

There is a lovely soft tobacco flavour in the palate as well, and a hint of leather in the background. This goes well with the peppery warmth of the nose.

The finish is big and bold, with lots more peat to wrap everything up neatly.

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