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Gin has seen a revival in recent years, with consumers turning to it left and right.

It is no longer the drink for 70 year olds with a blue rinse, but has become a diverse and broadly appreciated spirit.

Gin has a lot of qualities that attract a younger audience, especially in the era that seems to be turning quite nostalgic.

It has a lot of history behind it and is classy and somewhat sophisticated. This gives it an edge over other white spirits like Vodka, and its easy going palette makes it more universally enjoyed than something like Whisky.

The Birth of Gin Festival

Out of this new found love of Gin has sprung an innovative and fresh events company that caters to every Gin lovers needs.

Gin Festival is the brainchild of husband and wife Jym and Marie. Together they have formed an events company that captures the best qualities of Gin.

They are both great lovers of Gin and have a deep passion for the stuff. This led them to discover more about it and all the different Gin brands across the world.

But they weren’t content to simply keep all these brilliant Gins to themselves. Instead, they sought to share them with the wider world.

With that, was born, and their Gin focussed events began popping up all over the UK.

Manchester Event

Their recent event in Manchester is the perfect example of exactly what they have to offer. This is the fourth annual Gin Festival in the city, so they must be doing something right!

The event took place in the spectacular Victoria Baths, which is the perfect venue for multiple reasons. This Grade II listed building captures the nostalgia that so many Gin drinkers are looking for, and is straight out of the Victorian period, when Gin was first crafted.

This is typical of Gin Festival events, as they seek to create an atmosphere that really captures the spirit.

The event in Manchester has become a staple in the city and it shows how popular both Gin and Gin Festival are becoming.

What to Expect

Over 100 craft Gins were featured at the event as well as professionals from the industry and lots of live entertainment and food stalls. Like at most Gin Festival events, brands bring samples, so this is the perfect place to disover your new favourite

The atmosphere was buzzing, with everyone there to relax and enjoy something a little new.

The bar at Gin Festival events operate on a token basis, with tokens costing you £5 and getting you a single measure Gin with Fever Tree tonic and exciting garnishes.

This is great, inexpensive way t enjoy Gin, as it ensures that you are not paying over the top for your drinks.

Most Gin Festival events are similar, with beautiful venues and exciting things to see and do on the day.

And with events happening up and down the country, you will be sure to find one in a city near you!

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