Method and Madness Rye and Malt Review

Irish whiskey has had somewhat of a resurgence as of late. Sure, it never really went away, but purists have generally found themselves gravitating towards Scotch whisky in the past, rather than its Irish counterpart.

Whether it’s down to clever marketing, social media, word of mouth, or Conor McGregor’s ‘Proper Twelve’ we have seen Irish whiskey make quite the comeback as of late, and we’re all for that.

When talking about Irish whiskey, the New Midleton Distillery in County Cork, has to be mentioned. Not only is it home to Jameson – the world’s most popular Irish whiskey, but it’s also home to a wide range of other delicious Irish whiskey products, including the Method and Madness range.

Today, we’re going to look at one of their most popular releases, the Method and Madness Rye and Malt and will be looking at exactly what it is that makes this spirit so incredibly popular and moreish.

Method and Madness Rye and Malt

Back in 2015, French Company Pernod Richard, installed their very own micro-brewery within the New Midleton Distillery. We say ‘micro’ when in reality it was larger than a lot of established breweries up and down Ireland.

This micro-brewery was very much about pushing the envelope and experimenting with new flavours and ingredients. After a great deal of trial and error, Method and Madness Rye and Malt Whiskey was created, and proved to be a huge success.

The master blenders and distillers, lead by distiller Katherine Condon settled on the perfect mash combination of 60% Polish rye, and 40% malted barley. They tweaked the recipe as needed, until eventually they found the perfect ratio and the perfect recipe. The end result was a smooth, crisp, slightly fruity whiskey with spicy undertones.

Tasting Notes

This ‘micro distilled’ whiskey comes in at a more than respectable 46% ABV, so you certainly get a bit of a burn, despite its smoothness.

The whiskey is non-chill filtered and is a pale bronze shade which it has obtained for the ex-bourbon casks that it has matured in.

On the nose you get aromas of hay, smoked oak, mixed spices, lemon peel, madeira cake, and even a touch of chilli.

On the palate, the vanilla notes can easily be detected, along with a spicy, peppery kick. Winter spices such as clove and cinnamon shine through, along with black peppercorns, toffee apples, and candied orange and lemon peels.

The finish short-medium, and fairly smooth, with the spices shining through, giving way to a hint of charred oak and citrus.

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