Caisteal Chamuis Blended Highland Scotch Malt Whisky

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A new release from the Mossburn Distillery, under the Caisteal Chamuis brand, this is an interesting peated melt that brings a lot to the Highland flavour profile.

Highland History

Named for the medieval castle that is now a ruin, Caisteal Camuis (or Castle Camus if you prefer the English version) is a brand created at the Mossburn Distillery, based in the Highlands.

Not only are they celebrating the past by recalling the fearsome history of Scotland’s Celtic warriors and clans, but as a new distillery they are forging the way by bringing new flavours to the Scotch whisky marker.

The Highlands as a region has quite a diverse range of flavour profiles. They vary from peated, unpeated, sherried and floral. The region itself is pretty huge and spreads quite far, so it’s reasonable that there would be a lot of different flavours in there. Some people count the Speyside region as part of the Highlands as well.

Mossburn Distillery has quite a broad range of malts themselves. As well as making their own malt they are also independent bottlers and have a range of Island and Speyside malts in their portfolio.

Marketing Director for Mossburn Distillers, Rick Bennett-Baggs said, “In Caisteal Chamuis, we have created a mystifying whisky from the Hebrides, celebrating the life and lore of a past that might have been at the [eponymous] castle. 

“While the story may be mysterious, enjoying a good quality, peated malt whisky shouldn’t be, as we seek to transport drinkers and welcome them to the misty isles of the Hebrides.”

A beautifully heavily peated blended malt from the Hebrides in the Scottish Highlands, Caisteal Camius is excellently crafted.

The nose begins with notes of smoke, charred oak and rich honey. There is a gentle floral note throughout that is not overpowered by the peat. 

The palate is elegant and smooth, with more honeyed sweetness and a lovely caramel note. Oak wood and peat smoke appear and add a lovely depth. Vanilla ties in well with the sweet caramel notes and wraps up the peated notes well.

The finish is gentle and full of peat smoke.

Caisteal Camuis is a brilliant blend that explores how diverse a Highland whisky can be. Mossburn might only be young but they have a lot going for them with this one.

What are your thoughts on Caisteal Camuis Blended Highland Scotch Whisky? Let us know in the comments!

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