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There are two things we Irish do well. Drinking and myths.

Be it about giants who create landmarks so as not to get their feet wet, or little green men who hide gold at the end of rainbows, the Irish have a plethora of myths and legends that will entertain and enthral.

And they also have an incredible talented for drinking, as we all know from the very common stereotypes that every TV show on earth loves to exploit.  But what can we say, we’re naturally very talented at it!

Not only can we handle our drink like true champions, but we also make some pretty impressive beverages.

One such beverage that combines both a great myth of Ireland with our talent for creating fantastic drinks is Exiles Irish Gin.

Made using the most magical of plants, the Shamrock, Exiles Gin is inherently Irish.

It is an artisanal super premium Gin made by an eighth generation Gin maker that captures the heart of Ireland.

It is infused with shamrock, red clover flowers, bog myrtle, honey suckle flowers and rowan berries and is made from Irish water.

If that doesn’t just grab you as being intensely Irish then nothing will!

On the nose this Gin is packed full of fresh lemon and crisp green apple.  These give out a wonderful tang that is complemented by the pine needle note that comes through as well.

There is a slightly sweet aromatic note to the nose as well, with a little hint of violet coming through.

On the palate, these flavours intertwine wonderfully.  The lemon really starts to come through alongside more pine and eucalyptus.

There is a nice dampness to the taste, giving the flavour a great aromatic quality.

The palate also opens up a delicious peppery taste, to give a subtle hint of spice under the zesty lemon.

These flavours work well together and are further complemented by more green apple and a dash of angelica root.

The botanicals in this Gin really stand out and can be fully appreciated against the pine needle flavour that is typical of this Spirit.

The finish wraps up with more lemon and cracked black pepper, to give you a well rounded and satisfying end.

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Rebecca is a graduate of Queen's University Belfast and very much a student of whisky, having only began appreciating it fairly recently. She studied English which gave her the best opportunities to sit down with a glass of the finest whisky and try to look sophisticated reading leather bound volumes of Shakespeare (or more likely whichever comic book she last set down).

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