Bowmore Timeless 27 Year Old and 31 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Released with great fanfare, the Timeless collection from Bowmore is exciting and innovative.

Limited Edition Magic

Bowmore have spared no expense in the release of these two giants of whisky. With a flashy website that will submerse you in wondrous moving images of elements and seascapes, Timeless is truly meant to be a gem in the Bowmore crown.

The release films have been created with French filmmaker and Artist Thomas Vanz. They seek to capture the power of time and evolution in the whisky making process.

Bowmore’s Master Blender, Ron Welsh, commented: “With Bowmore Timeless Series, the key is the careful selection of the right casks, at the right time. This enables us to determine when the spirit has reached its peak, or if it should be left longer to develop its character further. This careful balance is vital to ensuring we allow the character of our whiskies to be optimised and can therefore, promise exceptional flavour delivery.”

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Matured for 29 years in ex-Bourbon casks before being transferred to Spanish Matusalem Sherry butts for two more years, this is a smooth and well rounded malt.

The nose begins with notes of marzipan, vanilla, caramel and delicate floral aromas. It is sweet and rich. Orchard notes also come through, particularly fresh cut grass and oak wood.

The palate is refined and smooth. Honey, vanilla, baked oats and more floral flavours abound. There is a gentle smoke and a soft note of sea air and salt.

The finish is smoky and sweet, with more caramel and honey.

This malt has been matured in Sherry and Bourbon casks for 15 years before being transferred to first fill Oloroso Sherry casks for 12 years.

The nose opens with big notes of dried fruits and summer berries. It is wonderfully fruity and sweet. Caramel, maple syrup and treacle also come through and add a brilliant smoothness overall. There is a gentle hint of seaweed smoke as well.

The palate is full of peat smoke, mahogany wood and milk chocolate. The body is smooth and creamy. More caramel, seaweed and dried fruits come through.

The finish is bold and full of smoke and oak wood.

These are two exceptional malts from Bowmore. They capture the spirit of the distillery perfectly and are full of exciting notes. Truly an exploration in brilliant flavour combinations.

Are you a fan of Bowmore and their Timeless series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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