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Whisky: The Manual is the answer to all your whisky drinking woes.

Nothing can say more about this book than its very first sentence “This is a book about how to drink whisky”.

Ever felt judged when you mix whisky or add a drop of water? Ever wished you knew exactly what to say to those “purists” who think you’re committing sacrilege?

Well now you can!

Dave Broom’s book holds all the answers, not only to combat the naysayers but also to learn more about how to enjoy the good stuff.

It dedicates its pages to debunking myths surrounding how to drink whisky as well as looking at how whisky has been enjoyed through the ages.

Broom takes no prisoners. He quickly breaks down those pesky myths that make some whisky appreciators think adding water is somehow an act of treason.

The introduction tackles such issues as “Whisky is a drink for old men” and “Single malts are better than blends” and deals with them upfront. There is no beating around the bush with Broom on these matters, giving you the perfect comeback when faced with the same questions yourself.

As well as looking at the modern day myths, Broom takes a stroll through the history of whisky, the whisky “essentials” and explores flavour camps.

With a drink as complex as whisky, this book is the perfect way to get to know the subject better and in more detail.

This offers up a great opportunity to really get to know what you’re drinking and what other variants exist. The book goes to great lengths to really open up the world of whisky, to both old and new consumers.

So with a little bit of history and knowledge behind you, the book then shows you how to savour whisky for yourself, and includes cocktail recipes so you can get the most out of any whisky.

This is the perfect way to end the book, going alongside Broom’s pronouncement at the end of the introduction, “The only rule now is; Enjoy!”

What is there not to enjoy about making your own whisky cocktails? (Just don’t make too many, that could end up with a less enjoyable morning after)

So with that, Whisky: The Manual is a book for every whisky fan. There is simply nothing missing from its pages. It has history, it has facts and it has fun.

An investment in Whisky: The Manual, is an investment in whisky itself. Buy here: Whisky: The Manual

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