Whisky Legend Dr. Jim Beveridge Unveils his Legacy Blend for Johnnie Walker

Master’s Cut by Dr. Jim Beveridge is a perfectly balanced blend of whiskies from two renowned distilleries – Roseisle and Cameronbridge

Today on World Whisky Day (Saturday 20th May), Johnnie Walker, the world’s No.1 Scotch Whisky[1] is announcing the launch of the ultimate legacy blend from former Master Blender and renowned whisky-maker Dr. Jim Beveridge.  

Having retired from his role in December 2021, Jim Beveridge unveils ‘The Master’s Cut’ as a new, super-limited edition Scotch that celebrates the very essence of blending and Scotch; drawing on two whiskies from iconic distilleries to craft a perfectly balanced yet simple blend.

Only 1,000 bottles of Johnnie Walker Master’s Cut will be available to purchase at Johnnie Walker Princes Street later in 2023 – the brand experience in Edinburgh, and in selected markets after that, making it a rare collectible for fans of the iconic Scotch.

Jim blended just two whiskies – the lighter Single Grain Whisky with vanilla notes  from one of the oldest distilleries used to blend Johnnie Walker, Cameronbridge, married to the full flavoured  fruity Single Malt Whisky from one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, Roseisle, to create a spectacular, rich, smooth, candy-like Scotch Whisky that embodies the craft of blending. This blend pays homage to the Johnnie Walker past and celebrates the brand’s journey into the future.

Dr. Jim Beveridge OBE said: “Working in this incredible industry with Johnnie Walker has been an honour and it’s a real privilege to work with the blending team – now led by Master Blender Emma Walker – to create this legacy blend.

“It is my final Johnnie Walker blend, made at a turning point in the Johnnie Walker journey when the baton is passed from one master blender to another. The whisky looks to the future, while also recognising the achievements of the past.

“It’s an exercise in simplicity, doing more with less to create something which has a uniquely complex character.  Ultimately, we take great whiskies and combine them in ways which create new, amazing new expressions of Blended Scotch.”

Jim Beveridge’s retirement came after a four-decade career in whisky during which time he was responsible for some of the world’s most popular and acclaimed Scotch whisky blends including Johnnie Walker Blue Label. His commitment to developing the ultimate whisky flavours began when he started his career with Johnnie Walker as an analytical chemist before going on to establish himself as one of the most highly respected figures in the industry. In 2019, he was awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen for his services to the Scotch Whisky industry.

Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director Julie Bramham said: “During his career, Jim was renowned for his skill and dedication to quality, as well as his considered and unassuming manner. The same spirit of progress that Johnnie Walker embodies is epitomised in Jim’s pioneering work in whisky and flavour, many of which have changed the face of whisky.

“His lifetime of dedication to the craft and to Johnnie Walker has been integral to upholding the brand’s legacy. Master’s Cut truly is a celebration of Jim’s career, marked in a bottle.”

The 700ml bottle carries a 40% ABV and has a RRP of £1000 per bottle.

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