Johnnie Walker Princes Street Whisky Makers Cellar Experience

The World’s favourite whisky invites visitors to experience their drams in their Princes Street underground cellar.

New Home for Johnnie Walker

The Johnnie Walker brand recently opened their eight storey visitor centre on Edinburgh’s charming Princes Street. It is a beacon for any whisky fan and especially if you enjoy Johnnie Walker. The building was only opened in 2021 so is still shiny and new, perfect for welcoming fans from across the world.

There are plenty of experiences on offer at the visitor centre, so you don’t need to be a whisky expert to enjoy them. In fact the experiences offer a great way to learn more about. Here we take a closer look at the Johnnie Walker Whisky Makers Cellar experience, available to book from £95.

Whisky Fans’ Dreams

Where better to experience such an exceptional whisky as Johnnie Walker than in their atmospheric underground cellars?

This is truly an experience for whisky lovers and invites fans of Johnnie Walker to taste whiskies straight from the barrel. To add to the intrigue, those on the Whisky Makers Cellar tour are also able to try an exclusive Johnnie Walker Princes Street edition, made on site.

The tour offers a glimpse into the whisky making experience and is perfect for people who have been enjoying whisky for a while, or those who are new to whisky and want an in depth look at tasting and what goes into it. If you are not a huge fan of whisky, some of the other experiences might be a better (and cheaper!) option to start of learning more about the stuff.

The experience lasts around an hour and a half and you are able to try a range of whiskies, including single malts, grain whiskies and the exclusive Princes Street blend. The cellars, where whisky is stored to mature, is the perfect place to have this experience; surrounded by barrels, drinking straight from the cask.

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