Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors on Instagram


Here is a collection of 10 of the best Whisky brand ambassadors that you should be following to get a better perspective of the Water of Life.


1. @SingleMaltMark

Mark Thomson is someone you really get to know on Instagram. Not just for the wonderful world of Glenfiddich Whisky, but we also get to see inside his own experiences as a Whisky brand ambassador. This is a great chance to glimpse the personal anecdotes of someone who is passionate about Whisky and to learn more about what the brand means to him.


2. @JackTeeling

Founder and Chief of Teeling Whiskey in Ireland, Jack Teeling shows us what it means to run a successful company as well as his deep passion for Whiskey. His images are personal and beautiful. They give us a glimpse into Teeling as a brand and Jack as a person, adding a truly human face to the company. This is a great way to get to know those behind the scenes as well as more about the brand as we view the images Jack posts.


My kind of birthday cake #teelingwhiskey #spiritofdublin #wildflowerkate #smallbatch #irishwhiskey #whiskeycake

A photo posted by Jack Teeling (@jackteeling) on

3. @DeanJode

Following Dean Jode on Instagram is like following a mate who just really, really likes Murry McDavid Whisky. He is funny and engaging, posting things that you yourself would post and appreciating Whisky in the way that everyone does. There are no pretension with Dean, and he approaches Whisky not like an expert but like a typical whisky enthusiast. This really brings the brand down to earth and allows us to see it from someone who is on the same level as us. He actually has quite a skill for capturing really great shots and will definitely give you Instagram envy.


Post work Old Fashioned. Going down all too well! #Cheltenham #cocktail #bourbon #whiskey

A photo posted by Dean (@deanjode) on


4. Alwynne Gwilt AKA Miss Whisky

Like Dean Alwynne Gwilt adds a personal touch to every Instagram post. She not only gives us a glimpse into the life of a Whisky specialist but also gives us a glimpse into her own adventures and journeys. She humanises every drink she experiences and rather than focusing on single expressions gives us a wider experience of life in the Whisky industry. Considering her rise to Whisky stardom as a blogger trying to break down time old beliefs about Whisky and who drinks it, Alwynne shows us the new direction that the industry is taking.


Feel the heat! #Scorchio #cask #cooperage @lochlomond3 #distillery #Scotland #travel #Scotch #whisky

A photo posted by Miss Whisky (@themisswhisky) on


5. @Georgie Bell

Georgie Bell will definitely give you lifestyle goals. Her Instagram is choc full of amazing food, amazing scenes and even better Whisky. She is perfect to follow if you want to know about whisky as well is a lot of culture that goes on and around London and the rest of the UK. Like a few of the other Instagrammers on this list Georgie is young and fresh and her experiences of Whisky reflect that giving us and you look at an age old industry.


6. Beth Havers

Beth is the selfie Queen of the Whisky world. She is representative of the Balvenie and Glenfiddich in Canada and uses her Instagram to explore these fantastic brands and add a smiling face to the industry. Beth is eternally down to earth and easy-going. She is easy to relate to and that makes the brands she represents relatable in the same way.


Awesome tour at Laphroaig! #teamglenfiddich #happy #islay #glenfiddichontour

A photo posted by Beth Havers (@whisky_beth) on


7. Ian Logan

Ian Logan is the Whisky enthusiast we all want to be. His Instagram is perfect. Not only does it have fantastic shots of some great Whiskies but it also features cats and selfies. Another feature is the people he meets along the way of the his Whisky journey. He chooses to share a lot of people in the industry with us and gives us the chance to know and understand these brands and the people behind them on their personal level.


8. John Cashman

Yet another Instagrammer who takes fantastic shots as he travels around the world taking in the sights and sounds of the Whisky industry. John is the ideal ambassador to follow if you want to see beautifully taken photos with a great Whisky twist. This offers a new perspective on old places and old the sights. Again there is a great personal touch to every photo John takes and shares, and he is worth following for the selfies at least.


A photo posted by John Cashman (@cooleygba) on


9. Simon Brooking

Working for Beam Suntory means Simon gets to glimpse a lot of various Whiskies and each one he shares with us. He also takes interesting shots of different cultures and the things he encounters as he explores Whisky around the world. This is a great chance to experience Whisky as it is tasted around the world and really takes the Scotch out of Scotland and plants it firmly in the global arena.


Rose Friend Sour with Knob Creek Single Barrel at the Rookery Bar

A photo posted by Simon Brooking (@simonbrooking) on


10. Dave Allardice

Dave Allardice is definitely bringing Glenfiddich into the 21st-century and giving it cool, young edge. His Instagram is full of snapshots of parties, fashion and new technology with Glenfiddich at the heart of it all. He is a fantastic brand of us here for connecting with a younger crowd and is reaching out to a somewhat yet untapped market. He offers a fresh perspective but at the same time uses his account to also document the wonderful whiskey history that has gone before him.


#Glenfiddich #barrels with personality #american #oak #speyside #singlemalt #scotch #whisky #dufftown

A photo posted by David Allardice (@glenfiddich_dave) on


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