What it takes to be the Perfect Brand Ambassador in the Whisky Industry

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A brand ambassador is exactly what it sounds like. It is someone who goes around and represents their brand.

This is something that a lot of companies do and can be both voluntary and paid. They usually represent the brand at events and engage with audiences to introduce them to the brand and its values.

But what exactly does it take to be the perfect brand ambassador? What do companies look for in their ambassadors?

Engaging the Audience

First of all, it helps is you’re easy going and approachable. The best ambassadors are open and friendly, with a willingness to answer questions. Of course we can’t all be super suave and completely charming, but being keen and excited to discuss the brand is a great way to show people your passion for it.

This brings us onto our second point, which is to know the brand inside out. This means not only drinking the brand you represent, but actively enjoying it and knowing the history of it.

While not every ambassador is going to be asked about the intricate details of the brand, it always helps to know exactly who it is that you represent and what makes them unique.

Enjoying the Brand

This goes hand in hand with knowing why you like that brand yourself. There is no point in repping for a brand if you don’t like them yourself; that seems like a bad idea from the beginning.

While being a brand ambassador may seem like an easy job, having a wider knowledge of a brand can be hard, especially if you don’t like the brand. This is even truer for the Whisky industry. If you’re going to represent a brand that is sold based on taste, you will get nowhere if you don’t actually like it.

Whisky ambassadors need to enjoy the dram they stand for, and knowing the ins and outs of each expression and its flavour profile will also be a big help.

People love to discuss why they enjoy their favourite Whiskies so if you know your own favourites and have a wide knowledge of other offerings from your brand, you can offer recommendations, to grow the brand profile amongst its audience.

Social Media

It seems like everything is online these days, and this goes for brand ambassadors as well. An online presence is a great way to engage with people you meet and build up a following.

Take a look at:

Fraser Campbell

Struan Grant Ralph

Anne-Sophie Bigot

Of course this is mainly for sharing selfies with a dram in hand rather than selfies of just yourself as the brand needs to be at the centre of everything, but it is a great way to promote yourself and the work you do.

We’ve previously covered the Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors to Follow on Twitter and the Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors to Follow on Instagram, so have a look for some inspiration!

Would you like to be a whisky brand ambassador? Start the discussion in the comments!

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  1. Add Kenny Macdonald from Dràm Mor whisky tastings and events. Could bear any of the top 10 whisky brand ambassadors!


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