Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors to Follow on Twitter

Brand ambassadors show us the best side of the products they promote and are always in with the newest releases.

It helps to keep a close eye on such ambassadors, as it can be easy to discern the direction a brand is taking through what their ambassadors are doing.

We’ve rounded up the Top 10 Whisky Ambassadors to Follow on Twitter, so you know just where to go to get the best and latest news about your favourite Whiskies.

1. Mark Thomson (@SingleMaltMark)

Mark Thomson, brand ambassador for Glenfiddich, is engaging and fascinating to follow. His twitter takes you with him all across the UK as he promotes and imbibes Glenfiddich up and down the nation. He gives a human face to the brand and embodies the history and style of the malts he promotes. If you follow Mark it doesn’t feel like you’re following a brand ambassador, but rather just someone who really loves Glenfiddich and wants to share that love with his audience.


2. Jack Teeling (@JackTeeling)

Teeling is a family owned and run company, and that is exactly the image you get from Jack Teeling. He is there following the ins and outs of daily life running a distillery and successful Whiskey brand and documenting everything that contributes to that success. This includes paying homage to Dublin and the Irish heritage of Teeling, giving you a glimpse into the history as well as the future if the brand.


3. AlwynneGwilt (@themisswhisky)

AlwynneGwilt first became famous in the Whisky world because of her blog, Miss Whisky. And now as well as blogger, she is ambassador for the Speyside Whisky. She is certainly good at what she does and is worth a follow for the events she promotes as much as for her insight into the Whisky industry. Alwynne gives you the chance to get up close and personal with some fantastic drams, whether that is through following her or attending an event.


4. Herman V B (@compassBoxHvB)

Compass Box are a brand with a lot of name sunder their belt and following Herman gives you the chance to see all of them in various different ways. This is a brand ambassador who is very aware of everything that is going on with his products and shares all the information with his followers. You are able to glean from a wealth of knowledge on his twitter page about what Compass Box are doing and the different ways their drams are celebrated and appreciated.

5. Gabriel Cardarella (@whiskycard)

If you want a glimpse into what it’s like to be a Whisky ambassador then look not further than Dewar’s Gabriel Cardarella. This guy shows you behind the scenes in the world of Whisky promotion as well as exploring the Dewar’s history and multiple ways to enjoy it. You will learn a lot about different cocktails and how Dewat’s is enjoyed across the globe, as well as learning about the brand history as a whole. Definitely worth a look, not just for fans od the brand, but for any one with an interest in Scotch history.


6. Ian Logan (@iantheguardian)

Ian Logan is international brand ambassador for Chivas as well as curator of the Glenlivet Whisky School, meaning he has a lot of passion and knowledge about Scotch. He is engaging and informative, encouraging interaction and sharing much of his day-to-day activities. This is great as it gives us a chance to see the human side beneath the brand promotion and adds a human face to the account. He also travels to great places and shares most of what he does there, which is a fantastic way for us to see just how global the Scotch experience is.


7. Dan Tullio (@Cdnwhisky)

Following Dan is like following your dad on Twitter, only with a lot more talk about Whisky. He is funny and engaging and even shared a photo of his dog, so how much better could it be? There is a lot to see on Dan’s page and like some of the others on the list he gives real insight into what it’s like to be a brand ambassador. There is also plenty of opportunity to leanr more cocktail choices for your favourite drams, and who wouldn’t want that!


8. Georgie Bell (@BellesWhisky)

Georgie Bell not only takes a closer look at Mortlach malts, but is also a great source for drinks culture in general. She tweets about art inspired cocktails and drinks inspired art, including Hogarth’s Gin Lane. She also posts photos of truly inspirational food and is a great information source for foodies who like a decent dram!


9. Colin Dunn (@ColinDunnWhisky)

Colin Dunn, brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker Blue certainly knows his stuff. He loves to show his passion for the brand and Whisky in general and is a great source of knowledge and Whisky inspiration. He also re-tweets a lot about Diageo and their other brands as well, so he’s worth checking out even if you aren’t a fan of Johnnie Walker. Like some of the others in this list, Colin also tweets a lot about wider culture, such as music and food, but always brings it back to Whisky, which is a really nice way to see dramming as multi-dimensional.


10. Tim Herlihy (@TullamoreTim)

Tim Herlihy has a long time passion for Irish Whiskey, having worked with Cooley Distillery in the past. Now he is Tullamore DEW ambassador for the US and puts his knowledge to good use. As well as educating us all on the merits of IrishWhiskey from Twitter, he also appears on radio and TV talk shows to teach the wider public abut Whiskey. All this is featured on his Twitter account, which is worth following to learn more about the life of a Whiskey Ambassador as well as the products he promotes.


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