Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky Review

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A wonderful example of a classic Kentucky Straight Whisky, Peerless Rye Whiskey is excellent and has a past stretching back to 1880.

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Bringing it back to life

A few decades later and Corky Taylor, great-grandson of Kraver, decided it was time to revive the distillery. He had a wealth of archive material to glean for information and from this, Peerless was born again.

Together with his son Carson, Corky reinvigorated Peerless. They bought an old tobacco factory and got to work kitting it out to make Kentucky Bourbon.

Carson did most of the work himself and they were able to start distilling in March of 2015. In the four years since then they have increased production to 12 barrels a day and have a number of different bottlings under their belt.

The Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky

One of the bottlings is their Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky. This single barrel expression is the embodiment of just how wonderful their malt is.

Each barrel has been chosen by Caleb Kilburn, Head Distiller at Peerless, at the exact right time for bottling.

Tasting notes for Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky

The nose opens with pepper spice and earthy tones of fresh cut grass and oak wood.

Vanilla, caramel and spicy cinnamon also appear, alongside some really interesting herbal tones.

The palate is warming and gentle, with sweet notes of caramel and treacle. The sweetness is mellow and fairly easy going, allowing the heat to come through really well.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and white pepper come through. They tie in well with the sweetness and add depth to the herbal notes of mint and basil.

There is a refreshing quality to this dram. It is light bodied but full of flavour and really shows the quality and consideration that has gone into making it.

The finish is soft and brimming with oak wood and spice, with lots of warmth.

Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky lives up to its successful history and does it’s founder, and it’s new founder, proud.

It is a classic Kentucky Rye that will delight any American Whisky fan.

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