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wife of a whisky bloggerAh. The wife of a whisky blogger. When I first met Greg I knew he enjoyed a drink, our social occasion always centred around food, booze and horses (Royal Ascot). So I was prepared in my mind for a life of being wined and dined when he proposed to me back in April 2012. However nothing has prepared me for the way one particular spirit would become the third person in our marriage. here is the tale of the wife of a whisky blogger.

Whisky has become part of our lives.

Obviously this is Greg’s passion and as you can see from GreatDrams he is passionate about all things whisky.

The minute someone mentions the spirit he can’t wait to get talking to them and find out what they like and what they don’t. And if I’m honest that’s how I’ve become.

I love to talk to people about it, everyone has their own history – good or bad. From the memories of ‘that’s how my granddad used to smell’ to the ‘I once drank too much Jack Daniels and can’t touch the stuff’ – it always provokes interesting conversations.

People always ask me ‘Do you drink whisky too?’ my usual response is ‘I do but it wouldn’t be the first drink that I order in a bar’.

My appreciation for the ‘liquid of the Gods’ as Greg calls it has grown exponentially in the last three years. My Dad always drank whisky but being from an Irish family my knowledge began and ended at buying a bottle of Jameson from Sainsbury’s every Christmas, Father’s Day and anytime in between.

A few years ago I wrote an article for Greg’s other blog www.Strat-Talking.com advising readers on the main aspects of living with a freelancer, now I feel like I have enough experience to write this about living with a whisky blogger.

So here’s the main things to expect when married to a whisky blogger

1. Our house has become a hybrid between a warehouse and a distillery shop complete with hourly deliveries, bottles, boxes, packaging and Glencairn glasses everywhere.

The ‘collection’ has now over taken it’s original cabinet and bar area. Yet still more bottles arrive with Greg sneaking them up to his office before he thinks I’ve noticed! Often these are rare finds on auction sites to introduce in an upcoming tasting or samples of a new range, and the occasional ‘marquee’ bottle he is confident he will love.

2. That last minute text ‘so there’s a launch event next week’.

Greg’s calendar has always been action packed but he’s now at a new level. But this has presented so many opportunities for us both to experience some amazing events at incredible locations. One being a VIP invite to The Black Grouse whisky adventurer event at the Natural History Museum and the odd bar and restaurant opening here and there

3. Every family event is now a whisky tasting.

Whenever I speak to my Dad it’s often because he’s tried to call Greg first but couldn’t get through – he wanted to talk whisky. They each pick up bottles for each other based on design, taste or recommendation. It’s been nice to see them become so close over their passion.

It got to the point where my Dad presented a six bottle flight for dessert on Christmas Day and my uncle turned up with a bottle to add to the enjoyment.

No one leaves the Dillon household without a sample of something for when they get home. I think that’s why people come back!

4. Holidays are now arranged around proximity to distilleries.

It started with me planning Greg’s last birthday up to Islay. We had such an incredible week. I love to travel and research everything about where we are going so my research of the island meant I could have my fun too! See the images below… and this year our wedding anniversary will include a five day trip to Scotland, four of which visiting distilleries in Speyside.

Anyone else had any experience of living with a whisky blogger?

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