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One of the smoothest Scotches available, Auchentoshan American Oak is an excellent example of Lowland malt.

The Brand

Auchentoshan have been distilling since 1800. Today they are owned by Beam Suntory, and they are one of only a few Scottish distilleries to triple distil their malt, a practice more common in Ireland.

Triple distilling is said to make the dram smoother, and this is certainly evidenced in Auchentoshan drams.

They are well known for their smooth, light bodied malts and have been growing in profile in recent years.

The Malt

This dram, matured exclusively in first fill American oak casks, is perfect for understanding why Auchentoshan are making a name for themselves.

It most recently won a silver award in the Lowland category at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2017.

You can really see how the triple distilling brings in another element to the overall flavour. From the get go, this malt is incredibly easy going.


Tasting notes for the Auchentoshan American Oak

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The nose begins with lots of sweet citrus and big, bold vanilla and caramel notes. It is rich and creamy, with lots of complexity and flavour. The vanilla is quite wooded and also has a fresh cut grass feel to it. this gives the dram a refreshing and earthy quality.

The palate has more malted tones, with grains and wood coming through. these are really bright and bold, and tie in well with the vanilla.

More exotic fruits appear, and a hint of coconut. These are complemented by milk chocolate and more citrus tones. Again, it is wonderfully smooth and the mouth feel brings a fantastic edge, making this dram well rounded.

The finish is really strong, with more fruits and vanilla.

This is a classic dram to have in your drinks cabinet. It is bold in flavour and the smoothness makes it thoroughly enjoyable.

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