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The Brand Champions 2018, a new report by The Spirits Business magazine, offers a definitive ranking and analysis of best-selling spirits brands’ year-on-year sales performances.

The world’s best-selling spirits brands have been named by The Spirits Business magazine, with a select few taking the title of Brand Champion 2018.

The Brand Champions 2018 report, compiled by leading trade title The Spirits Business, is a comprehensive ranking and analysis of the spirits brands that sell more than one million nine-litre cases annually.

After compiling a comprehensive list of data, The Spirits Business team selected an individual Brand Champion for each spirits category – the full list can be viewed below. The accolade is given to those brands that are not only shifting significant volumes, but have experienced rapid growth, an impressive rebound, or hit one million cases for the first time.

“The spirits market is more complex and competitive than ever, so achieving sales of one million cases is no mean feat,” said Amy Hopkins, editor of The Spirits Business. “Our list of the world’s top 150 spirits brands by volume shows that success is not exclusive to one category – brands spanning Asian spirits, Scotch whisky, gin, Tequila, bitters and more witnessed remarkable growth.”

Irish whiskey brand Jameson was given the title of Supreme Brand Champion 2018 for its consistent volume gains over a number of years, led by an impressive international strategy that focused on innovation, bold marketing and big investment. In 2017, Jameson sold 6.9 million cases – an 11.3% uplift compared with 2016, making it one of the top 20 fastest-growing brands in the industry.

The Spirits Business has given Jameson the title of Supreme Brand Champion 2018 for its sustained impressive performance,” Hopkins added. “The brand has managed not only to hold on to its pole position in Irish whiskey, but become a leading light on the international spirits scene.”

The Brand Champions 2018:

Vodka Brand Champion 2018: Prestige (Stock Spirits)

Scotch Whisky Brand Champion 2018: Black & White (Diageo)

World Whisk(e)y Brand Champion 2018: Jameson (Pernod Ricard)

Indian Whisky Brand Champion 2018: Imperial Blue (Pernod Ricard)

Cognac Brand Champion 2018: Hennessy (LVMH)

Brandy Brand Champion 2018: Paul Masson Grande Amber (Constellation Brands)

Rum Brand Champion 2018: Captain Morgan (Diageo)

Tequila Brand Champion 2018: Don Julio (Diageo)

Gin Brand Champion 2018: Hendrick’s (William Grant & Sons)

Liqueurs Brand Champion 2018: Baileys (Diageo)

Speciality Spirits Brand Champion 2018: Aperol (Gruppo Campari)

Local Spirits Brand Champion 2018: Jinro (Hite-Jinro)

Other titles:

Supreme Brand Champion 2018: Jameson (Pernod Ricard)

Social Media Hero 2018: Patrón (Patrón Spirits International)

Fastest Growing Spirit Brand: Bangalore Malt Whisky (John Distilleries)

Best Selling Spirit Brand: Jinro (Hite-Jinro)

What do you think the of the best selling spirits? Let us know in the comments!

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