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Based in Columbus, Ohio, Middle West Spirits have recently released a Wheat Whiskey, aged in Oloroso Sherry casks.

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Middle West first started off life as a mirco-distillery, in 2010. They have since grown to cover a lot more ground and are now a fantastic tourist destination. They make a wide range of spirits including Vodka, Bourbon and other Whiskies, with special releases such as honey bean Vodka.

Middle West have won several awards including both a gold medal and Best in Category for their Bourbon at the 2018 American Distilling Institute’s International Judging of Craft Spirits. Not bad for a brand that’s only 8 years old! But once you taste your OYO, it becomes clear why they’re so successful.

Tasting notes for OYO Wheat Whiskey Oloroso Matured

OYO Wheat Whiskey is one example of their award winning drams. The brand name is pronounced as seen, seeking to replicate the Native American word for river.

This dram is made from Ohio soft red winter wheat and has been double distilled before being matured in oak barrels before being finished in Sherry casks.

The nose opens with booming notes of vanilla and oak wood. These really spring out and combine with a crisp red apple flavour.

This is a very sweet malty note from the beginning but there is a slightly spicy note coming out as well. It has a warming cinnamon and clove flavour that goes really well with the vanilla. Sherried fruits and raisins also appear and give the nose a nice depth.

This grows on the palate, which is wonderfully heavy with Sherry notes. Dried fruits, cinnamon spice, little hints of chocolate and oak, are all present and working together to create a brilliant dram.

Almond, dark cherries and raspberries bring in a bit of sweetness and zest. There is also a lovely malted flavour that adds to the depth and ties in with the fruits to created a dessert-like note. The spice is especially good on this dram, with lots of heat and warmth. It is perfect with the sweeter flavours and the two really set each other off.

The finish is warming and soft, with gentle fruit notes and a hint of vanilla.

OYO Wheat Whiskey is an excellent dram and a wonderful example of just how good a quality Sherried Whiskey can be.

What do you think of OYO Wheat Whiskey? Let us know in the comments!

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