Irish Whiskey Launches New 14 Year Old Single Malt as Permanent Addition to Portfolio

Innovation inspires Bushmills’ groundbreaking new Malaga cask finished 14 Year Old single malt 

Bushmills Irish Whiskey introduces its 14 Year Old single malt reference, an innovative new whiskey exclusively finished in rare Malaga casks.  

This permanent addition to Bushmills’ renowned single malt Irish whiskey range radiates ruby-red exuberance and offers an intriguingly rich and smooth character. With a warm, mellow taste and fresh, fruity notes, the 14 Year Old single malt will intrigue wine lovers, welcome fledgling whiskey drinkers, and excite whiskey’s most passionate flavour explorers. 

The latest innovation from the world’s oldest licenced whiskey distillery is exclusively matured in first and second-fill bourbon barrels for a minimum of 14 years, including a finish of up to 12 months in Malaga casks to give a sensational array of exotic summer fruit notes and warm wood spices. The marriage of the Malaga and the bourbon softens the spirit to create a unique, mellow whiskey.  

This new release is another milestone for Alex Thomas who has embraced Bushmills’ world-famous spirit of innovation, experimentation, and excellence to excite and delight whiskey enthusiasts and extend a warm welcome to anyone discovering the allure of Bushmills single malt Irish whiskey for the first time.   

Alex explained the process: “I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and create a really exciting taste experience for every palate. It is unlike any other whiskey in our core range. Marrying the bourbon cask with the Malaga wine adds layers of ripe fruit all working together with honey, cinnamon, and milk chocolate. It oozes sunshine and sweetness.” 

Ageing only in bourbon casks before finishing in rare Malaga casks allows the vanilla sweetness from the bourbon casks to shine through. The Spanish fortified wine was patiently left to soak deep into the grain of the oak barrels for four to five years, seasoning the wood with a symphony of summer fruit notes including mango, pineapple, and apricot, balanced by a gentle kiss of cinnamon and ginger spices. The casks were then sent to the Old Bushmills Distillery on Ireland’s North Coast just three days after being emptied to ensure optimal freshness and fragrance.  

Alex adds: “Having followed the evolution of this 14-year-old spirit, I knew its exceptional quality was undeniable. I also have a lot of experience with Muscat of Alexandria, the grape variety carefully chosen to produce the Malaga wine we use to season our oak barrels.  

Wine lovers will know this is one of the oldest grapes in the world and produces incredible flavour profiles. This is the perfect single malt for whiskey explorers who have begun their single malt journey and are curiously seeking out their next whiskey adventure.” 

Located for centuries on Ireland’s wild and rugged north Antrim coast, Bushmills is proudly playing its part in the unprecedented global growth of single malt Irish whiskey. The 14 Year Old single malt is another momentous step in Bushmills’ constant pursuit of perfection and draws from the greatest reserve of aged single malt Irish whiskey in the world.  

Bushmills 14 Year Old will be rolled out across key EMEA markets from the 1st of April with an RSP of $70 per bottle.  

Bushmills 14 Year Old is a permanent addition to the prestigious single malt range joining the iconic Bushmills 10, 16, and 21 Year Old as well as the new 25 and 30 Year Old single malts which were launched in 2023. 

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