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Ballantine’s, the No.1 Scotch whisky in Europe and the No.2 Scotch whisky in the world, maintains that staying true builds depth of character. Learning from life experiences is what makes us unique and this is the ethos that frames the Ballantine’s Prestige range of whiskies. Our rich history and the many pioneering people who have been a part of our story are all reflected in the deep character of our mature whiskies.

Ballantine’s Prestige blends single malts and grain whiskies of different ages to create an extraordinary range of luxury expressions. Information can be found below on Ballantine’s 17 Year Old, 21 Year Old and 30 Year Old, including downloadable bottle shots, tasting notes and key cocktail images and recipes.

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old has a fruity and harmonious taste profile that subtly conveys the character of its original distilleries and notes of oak for an extra depth of flavour, making this Scotch revered by whisky connoisseurs. The expression has been named Best Scottish Blended Whisky by Jim Murray in each edition of the Whisky Bible between 2009 and 2013.

Ballantine’s 21 Year Old is a rich and intense Scotch whisky blended with a high proportion of whiskies matured in European oak that impart their character on the spicier and richer fruity finish. The expression was awarded a Gold medal at the IWSC Hong Kong and The Scotch Whisky Masters in 2014.

Ballantine’s 30 Year Old is the pinnacle of the Prestige range, conveying a perfect balance of the character of distilleries that are no longer in existence and the influence of the casks. The whisky presents a powerful and opulent taste profile with concentrated notes of fruits and was awarded with a Best in Class Gold medal at the ISC in 2015 and a Master medal at the Scotch Whisky Masters in 2014.

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