Help @Ballantines get us all a WhiskyEmoji

let’s begin

Loving this viral video and campaign from @Ballantines - everyone of us whisky nuts needs to get involved, now!

All you have to do is tweet: “I am a whisky drinker and I want a #WhiskyEmoji. Join me at” from your Twitter account to be counted as a person who cares about getting the whisky WhiskyEmoji.

More information here:

Here's Ballantine's' campaign plea

Dear Unicode, Guardians of emojis.

A couple of months ago you released more than 250 new emojis. But we at Ballantine’s and a few others saw there’s one missing. There’s two types of cables cars.There’s beer, there’s wine and there’s a martini! But, no Whisky.

We, the whisky lovers, want our own symbol that stays true to what we’re really drinking.

70 000 people from 37 countries showed their support for our cause. And 19 000 people even told their friends about it.

We lobby for the people who want WhiskyEmoji. We’ve given people one unified voice and they have spoken. Together we’re 70 000 people who NEED A WHISKY EMOJI!

And you’re the only ones who can make it happen.
It’s up to you now Unicode. You’re a democratic consortium and the people have spoken. Will you make the WhiskyEmoji happen?

Thanks to Tarbs for sending GreatDrams the video

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