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One of the first releases from the Isle of Raasay Distillery was a gin.

Raasay Gin

This isn’t uncommon for new whisky distilleries and many start off by producing spirits like gin and vodka. These are faster to produce than whisky as they don’t need aged and can be quickly branded, bottled and released. It’s a great way to start off a distillery as it builds up a reputation for quality produce before they release their first whisky (assuming the gin and vodka are actually good of course).

Raasay are also producing a range of single malts named While We Wait, a nod to the fact that the malt has not been produced in their distillery. Again, this isn’t uncommon for new distilleries to do. It allows them to show off their knowledge of what makes a good malt.

Tasting notes for R&B Distillers Isle of Raasay Scottish Gin

Bottle cost: £34.95

Raasay Gin was launched last year and is a great start for the distillery. The gin is mellow, with all the right notes of juniper and citrus. The spirit has been distilled three times, giving it that extra bit of smoothness

The nose begins with notes of wood and juniper. It is gentle and subtle, with slightly more citrussy notes towards the end.

The palate opens up with orange peel and a lovely note of rhubarb. The rhubarb is quite pungent but goes excellently with the sweeter notes of juniper and citrus.

It finishes with a hint of pine needles and more orange peel, rounding off well.

This is a great example of the spirits coming out of the Isle of Raasay distillery and we can only look forward to what their whisky will be like.

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