Cutty Sark Storm Blended Scotch Whisky

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Made with older drams than the original, Cutty Sark Storm is slightly more complex and really tasty.

the brand

The original recipe for Cutty Sark was created in partnership between the founders of Berry Bros & Rudd and James McBey, who was a Scottish Artist.

They decided it was time someone came up with an easy to enjoy blend, one that was open to all. The result was Cutty Sark.

It was named for a tea clipper that had retired from the Navy in the 1920s. The blend was made to be enjoyable and was very popular, depsite being released right before prohibition kicked in. It was smuggled into the US for a long time, and as such built up a reputation that made it very popular when prohibition ended.

the blend

Cutty Sark Storm was introduced in 2012 and replaced some of the brands other expressions, including Cutty Sark Black.

The main difference between this dram and the brand’s others is the use of more aged malt than other expressions. It uses the same amount of grain Whisky.

Tasting notes for Cutty Sark Storm

Bottle cost: £18.96

The nose opens with lots of sweetness. It is creamy and fruity, with hints of parfait and mangoes. Delicate notes of toffee and oak wood appear, giving a lovely depth to the overall aroma.

The palate is quite warming, with big notes of oak and lots more fruit. Summer berries, apples and peaches are wrapped up in a soft oak cask.

More cream, lending a mellow mouth feel, is joined by cinnamon and nutmeg spices. The warmth is homely and ties in really well with the caramel notes.

A slightly smoky note comes through, which goes really well with the oak and spices, adding a little bit more heat and depth.

The finish is strong with sweet fruits, a subtle waft of smoke and a hint of oak.

This is a really great Whisky from Cutty Sark. The quality is excellent and it brings a new depth to a well-loved blend.

Cutty Sark Storm is easy to enjoy and has a wonderful depth to it. Well worth taking a look at if you’re searching for a well rounded blend.

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