Ballantine’s new campaign – “TRUE TASTE LASTS LONGER”

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Ballantine’s, the No.1 Scotch whisky in Europe and the world’s No.2, has unveiled a bold new above-the-line campaign that communicates the whisky’s distinctive long finish and commitment to providing authentic experiences that stay true to the brand’s ethos. True Taste Lasts Longer will cement Ballantine’s position at the forefront of the Scotch whisky industry, continuing to resonate and engage with the brand’s discerning and contemporary audience.

Returning to the original values set down by founder George Ballantine, the above-the-line campaign visually illustrates the exceptional qualities that go into producing every bottle of Ballantine’s – from the superior quality of the raw ingredients and the bold, pioneering visual identity that is synonymous with Ballantine’s, through to the renowned long finish of the whisky.

Breathing life into the new campaign, photographer Shinichi Maruyama has curated the flowing whisky motif that dominates the True Taste Lasts Longer out of home visuals. Drawing on his experience in capturing movement, colour and texture through his energetic art style, Maruyama has evoked the taste that Ballantine’s whisky leaves on the palate with a series of abstract designs. The process saw Maruyama experiment with Ballantine’s whisky, throwing liquid and capturing its movement in space.

Video edits created for the campaign take Maruyama’s abstract exploration of Ballantine’s long finish even further. A man enjoying Ballantine’s with friends is seen to experience the true depth of character that comes with each sip, illustrated through a montage of elemental and emotive motifs.

Peter Moore, Ballantine’s Global Brand Director, comments: “Ballantine’s is a truly global Scotch whisky that speaks to a diverse audience worldwide through its extensive portfolio, so our whisky deserves an above-the-line campaign that can effectively communicate its quality and craftsmanship across all cultures and demographics. True Taste Lasts Longer realises this ambition, uniting our portfolio of award-winning whiskies with one visual identity. We are extremely excited to launch this campaign and continue to inspire whisky enthusiasts throughout the world with the unique taste of Ballantine’s.”

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