We take a look at some of the best non-alcoholic beers on the market

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The way we are drinking is changing, and with that, drink making companies are changing too.

Keeping Up With the Times

Research shows that the Millenial generation is drinking less than the generations before them. With a heavy interest in wellness and health, it could be down to people wanting to focus on being as healthy as possible and seeing drinking as a vice. Or it could be down to personal preference and most people choosing to moderate their drinking.

Whatever the reason, this is a huge trend in today’s young people, and it’s having a knock on effect in the alcohol industry. And a good one at that.

We’re seeing more non-alcoholic drinks appearing on our shelves, keeping alcohol producing companies going during a bit of a dry spell, and re-invigorating the market.

Let’s take a closer look at some non-alcoholic beers you can get today.

Lucky Saint Lager

Bottle cost: £25

At only 0.5% alcohol, Lucky Saint Lager isn’t technically non-alcoholic, but it is pretty low. They pride themselves on the quality of their beer and hope to offer people abstaining from alcohol a plausible and enjoyable choice in low alcohol lager. They want to lead the charge on innovation in the industry and it looks like they’re doing pretty well.

They are detail oriented and have planned every step of the process to specifically make alcohol free beer that taste like beer. Their signature Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered Lager is made from Bavarian water, Hallertau haps and pilsner malt. It is crisp and sweet with notes of honey and citrus throughout.

Heineken 0.0

A sign of how it’s not just craft companies that are embracing the change, Heineken, one of the biggest beer producers in the world, have created their own alcohol free beer. They don’t go much into the process of how they remove the alcohol, other than to say that it’s “gentle”. They then blend it to bring out fruity notes with hints of malted grains. A classic if you don’t want to stray too far from what you know.

Erdinger Blue Alkoholfrei

Bottle cost: £2.60

Like Lucky Saint, Erdinger Blue is low alcohol, with only 0.5%. Erdinger is often promoted as being a healthy alcohol free beer, with a focus on its B12, folic acid and polyphenol count. It is also touted as a post work out drink in Germany, showing off its isotonic qualities. It is quite sweet, unlike most German beers, but is great if you’re avoiding alcohol. Most non-alcohol beers with have a heavy sweetness but this one isn’t too sickly.


Made by Pistonhead, this is an excellent non-alcoholic beer. It has all the right flavours and none of the guilt. The flavour is full of fruit, with the perfect amount of hops and malted grains. It has been made using Centennial and Mosaic American hops, which introduce a slightly floral aroma.

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