The GreatDrams Whisky Christmas Gift Guide 2017 part 2

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Welcome to part two of the GreatDrams Whisky Christmas Gift Guide 2017. In part one I shared ten bottles of whisky I think would make fantastic Christmas gifts this year for all kinds of budget. This time I’m looking at whisky accessories; books, glassware, that sort of thing.

Here are the top five accessories for the whisky lover in your life I’m recommending in the GreatDrams Whisky Christmas Gift Guide 2017:

1. The GreatDrams of Scotland whisky book

Cost: £19.99

An easy one this, and a shameful plug, as this is the book I have recently written  and is being enjoyed the world over.

2. The Dram Team Subscription

Standard Pricing: £26.99

The Dram Team is a whisky-tasting-by-post subscription and gift service.

Each box of dram-based delight contains:

  • Five 25ml drams of whisky averaging £50 RRP for 70cl, and up to £80 –
  • The “Sixth Dram”: Our super-special 10ml taster dram at £125+ per 70cl –
  • Full tasting note cards and a written tour of each flight –
  • Monthly tweet tastings and exclusive subscriber offers –
* full disclosure, I am a co-founder in The Dram Team business

3. Whisky Advent Calendar

Oh yes, this is a superb item for all whisky lovers and something I’ve fortunately been able to enjoy for the last couple of years, absolutely stunning and so much fun exploring different whiskies each day through winter… especially those dark, long winter nights!

Each calendar includes a collection of 25 different calendars packed with an extraordinary range of outstanding spirits, giving drinks enthusiasts the chance to try something new every day during Advent. Behind each window lies a 30ml handmade, wax-sealed dram!

Highlights include the Premium Whisky Calendar, which showcases remarkable expressions from top distilleries, and the Gin Advent Calendar, packed with unconventional, horizon-expanding gins.

The Very Old & Rare Calendar, featuring incredible treats aged for up to 60 years from the likes of Karuizawa, Port Ellen, and The Macallan, is presented in a bespoke wooden box handcrafted by Kent-based cabinet-maker Simon Jewell Designs and available in Walnut and Macassar Ebony finishes.


4. A variety of whisky books I have not written

I love whisky books, I have been buying them for years and there is always something special about them and the author’s journey they capture, below are a few I personally own and have enjoyed and think you will too.

Cost: Varies

Chasing the Dram: Finding the Spirit of Whisky, Rachel McCormack

Whiskies Galore: A Tour of Scotland’s Island Distilleries, Ian Buxton

Fever Tree – The Art of Mixing: Simple long drinks & cocktails from the world’s leading bars, FeverTree

Hurrah for Gin 2018 Diary (Diaries 2018), Katie Kirby

5. A private whisky tasting for the person you love

Looking for a unique evening with your closest friends, family, colleagues? I can create a bespoke in home or at work whisky tasting for up to thirty people that will not only wow but will educate and be knowledge and story-fuelled as much as it is whisky fuelled.

Each person’s attendance typically includes:

  • A 20 minute intro to the history of whisky and the format of the event
  • Tailored whiskies to the theme of the tasting, for example:
    • Whisky from different regions
    • Exploring peaty whisky
    • Special Speysides
    • International whiskies
    • We will be discuss and tailor once you book a whisky tasting with GreatDrams
  • A guided tasting by me through five whiskies including distillery stories
  • All whiskies presented in official Glencairn tasting glasses
  • There will be an educational side too so everyone will be able to properly nose and drink whisky by the end
  • The opportunity to enjoy more after the official tasting finishes
  • A gift of one official Glencairn or NEAT whisky glass per person

We even bring all Glencairn glasses and water jugs with us, clear up and take them all with us again leaving no cleaning or tidying burden to anyone we work with.

Prices will vary by the theme and amount of people so get in touch by clicking here and we can work on the details in no time.

Part one of my Christmas guide can be found here

So there you have it GreatDrammers, my top five whisky accessories recommendations for you this Christmas. What else would be in your Whisky Christmas Gift Guide?

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