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The world of Whisky is wonderfully varied. There are thousands of different categories, types and flavour profiles. No two Whiskies tasting the same.

So why do so many of us content ourselves with simply enjoying the stuff we find in supermarkets and off licenses? Why do we not look to expand our Whisky flavour profile experiences?

Opening up the world of Whisky Flavour Profiles

There is a lot to be said for expanding your horizons and branching out beyond what is immediately available.

While the supermarket may offer some brilliant expressions and all your old favourites, there is a lot more to explore once you start looking.

And in the age of the Internet, this doesn’t have to be a tasking experience. There are plenty of sites, including our own, that champion drams that may not appear in your local Tesco or Sainsbury’s but taste incredible.

Independent Whiskies

Like most industries today, the world of Whisky has lots of big brands and parent companies. These are usually the ones you find in supermarkets, as they tend to have more selling power. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality malt. It just means they have the power of marketing behind them as well.

But there are lots of smaller distillers and bottlers out there. And they are make exceptional malt, with new and innovative ideas behind them.

It is well worth it to look up some smaller, independent Whiskies and see what is being done in brands that do not have a lot of history or tradition to tie them down.

Some wonderful examples include Eden Mill at St Andrew’s, Spencerfield Spirit Company near Edinburgh or The Lakes Distillery in England. These are only a few examples of new distilleries that are trying their hand at creating great malt.

GreatDrams has also entered the world of independent whisky bottling.  Releasing a number of award-winning single cask whiskies already, one of which is featured below. Founder and Whisky Director Greg Dillon explains, “the whiskies we release are amongst the rarest releases in the whisky industry as they cannot be repeated, they are not blended and are the truest representation of a distillery’s character“. 

These are exciting brands that are doing something different with malt. Enjoying them will give you experience of the newest movements within the Whisky world.

World Whiskies

Most local shops will cover Whiskies from places like Scotland, Ireland, America and Japan. But there are plenty more countries out there that are producing some amazing malt.

Take Taiwan for example. There is currently one distillery in Taiwan, the Kavalan Distillery. Their malt has wowed on the world stage. It has won awards across several different big name competitions. This includes the World Whisky Awards and the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Countries such as India, Canada and France also produce Whisky, some of which is far superior to what you’ll find in your supermarket.

Tasting Whisky from around the world gives you the chance to go on a global Whisky tasting experience. Each country produces malt in a different way.

The environment Whisky is made in is very important to flavour profiles. Exploring Whisky made in colder climates such as in Canada, or in hotter places like India, will allow you to see why it make such a difference.

Rare and Exclusive Whiskies - A Glimpse at Lost Flavour Profiles

As well as Whiskies from across the globe, expanding your tasting reach will also allow you to experience some amazing malt that is rare or exclusive.

Rare Whiskies tend to be quite high in price and hard to come by, but once you do, you’ll never regret it. They have some really excellent flavour profiles that aren’t around as much these days.

They can be rare for a number of reasons, whether that is because the distillery no longer exists, or because only a small amount of bottles were created.

These can be a great insight into many different things, especially if they are from a distillery that no longer exists.

This is a brilliant way to get a glimpse of a flavour profile that is no longer available and to compare it to other distilleries that are still around.

Exclusive Whiskies can be bought online or can be bought direct rom distilleries. These are great ways to get to know your favourite brands better and open up a new side to some brilliant producers.

Of course Exclusive Whiskies have a marketing strategy behind them. But they are also worth investing in as they do tend to be very successful in tastings.

What are you thoughts on the Adnams Triple Malt? Let us know in the comments!

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