A look at the Eimverk Distillery in Iceland

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The Eimverk Distillery is found just outside of Reykjavik, in the Gardabaer area. It has been based here since 2009 and they create some amazing products with locally sourced ingredients.

It was originally founded by Egill and HaliThorkelsson and remains in the brothers’ very capable hands today.

Tried and Tested

Their first spirit run took place in 2013, four years after they began searching for the perfect recipe. During those four years they tested everything, from ingredients to maturation, to make sure they were producing the best quality Icelandic spirits.

Due to Whisky needing to mature for at least three years before it can be called a Whisky, Eimverk began selling their Gin first, with the Whisky following some time after.

Today they have a range of Gins as well as producing Whisky and Brennvin, which is a type of Icelandic Schnapps.

Locally Sourced

Part of what makes Eimverk so appealing is the fact that all of their ingredients are sourced from three local farms.

What makes Icelandic barley unique is that it takes a longer amount of time to grow compared to other countries, and does do in relatively cold temperatures.

They are hyper-local, with three farms contributing to their supplies, one of which is Bjálmholt Farm, the family farm of Eimverk Distillery, where they grow their own barley.

Floki Single Malt

Eimverk create three types of Whisky, with two of these being classed a young malt, meaning they haven’t been matured long enough to properly be called Whisky.

Their Single malt is also quite young in relation to most malts, at only three years old, but it is a great place to begin.

It opens with a creamy nose, full of warming oak wood and some fresh cereal notes. The oak is sweet, with peeper spices and a little bit of cinnamon.

The cereal notes are refreshing, with a slightly earthy tone to them.

There is a delicate hint of coffee and dark chocolate. This goes well with the oak, which is deep and rich.

On the palate, the coffee and chocolate blossom and add a lovely, dark undertone for the brighter notes to stand out against.

Pepper spice is still there, with a nice vanilla sweetness alongside it. There is a smooth mouth feel that comes with the vanilla as well.

The cereals are brilliant and sweet on the palate too, with lots of character to them. They last into the finish, which rounds off with a final kick of warming oak and some soft vanilla tones.

Vor Small Batch Pot Distilled Gin

Eimverk also have a range of Gins, including Small Batch, Sloe, Barrel Aged and Navy Strength.

Their Small Batch is especially interesting and definitely not your standard Gin. It has been triple distilled in a pot still, which is an Icelandic process from the 19th century.

It is also made with a barley base and an intriguing array of botnicals, including, juniper, angelica root, kale, rhubarb, kelp, creeping thyme, birch, crowberries and moss.

The nose is layered with barley and herbal notes. The thyme and birch really come through, giving it a very earthy feel.

There is also a lovely floral note that is light and easy going.

On the palate, these notes grow and become better defined. More floral notes appear, with lots of juniper and berries.

The more earthy textures and flavours really seep through and make for a rich and deep Gin. It is packed with lots of interesting twists and turns in flavour.

The finish is strong, with more barley and thyme coming out.

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