Method and Madness Wild Cherry Wood Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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A first in the Irish Whiskey market, the Method and Madness Wild Cherry Wood expression is changing how things are done.


The Method and Madness brand is built on innovation. It came about from from a collaboration between the Masters and Apprentices at Midleton distilling. They come together to create a brand that was focused purely on innovation. Since their inception, they have brought about many exciting malts, and several firsts for the Whiskey world.

Most recently they have created a malt made from wild cherry wood, found in France. This type of maturation has never been done in Irish whiskey before and represents everything that Method and Madness are about; finding new flavours and doing things in new ways.

Master of Maturation at Midleton Distillery, Kevin O’Gorman says, “Since 2014, our research into maturation in different wood types has challenged our expertise and approach to whiskey-making – but none so much as our experimentations with wild cherry casks.

“The rare, porous wood is different to anything that we have handled before, so it has been a real achievement to create the perfect balance of flavour – the result is a world-first in Irish whiskey, with a nose of coconut fibre and ginger, a palate of fresh green herbs, black tea and unmistakable pot still spices and a long, fresh finish with prickly spice and hazelnut.”

This whiskey has been matured in ex-bourbon and sherry casks before being finished in wild cherry casks from between four and seven years.

The nose begins with spicy notes and lots of sweet vanilla. It is full of coconut, dew covered grass and oak wood. There is a richness to it and a lovely darkness. It is slightly herbal and sweet, with a lovely aromatic note.

The palate is brimming with more herbal notes. Basil, thyme, more grass cuttings and tea flavours abound. There is a delicate floral note as well, which really complements the earthy characteristics. It has a gentle heat, with more ginger and a few notes of nutmeg.

The finish is bold and full of herbal notes.

This is a fantastically exciting dram for the Irish whiskey market and one that needs to be tried, regardless of whether you like the brand or not. It represents a new era for distilling and we can only hope more marvels are to come.

What do you think of innovation in the whiskey industry? Start the conversation in the comments.

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