Abasolo Mexican Corn Whisky

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The first ever Mexican whisky to be sold in the UK (that we know of anyway!) Abasolo is carving out a new part of the market for themselves.

International Appeal

The UK has a dee affection for Mexican culture. Or for what we think if Mexican culture, I’m not sure if our version of Tacos could entirely be called authentic. But the affection is there and it’s strong. Now there is a new dram on the market that promises to fill the Mexican whisky shaped hole in all our hearts; Abasolo Mexian Corn Whisky

As Nick Gillett, managing director at Mangrove UK, who will distribute Abasolo, said: “There is a deep fascination in the UK with Mexican culture and as we prepare to bring these exciting new brands to the market, I’m sure adventurous and worldly whisky connoisseurs will welcome the change to add this world whisky to their collection. These brands are premium in quality and taste, and should be on everyone’s ‘must stock’ list for summer/autumn 2020 and I’m delighted that Mangrove UK are distributing in the UK.”

Made from a mash bill of 100% Cacahuazintle (Caca-wha-sint-lay), Abasolo is set to take the UK by storm and introduce a new competitor to the whisky market.

Dr Iván Saldaña, Master Distiller and Co-Founder, said: “We are excited to introduce something truly new to the world whisky category, historically whisky classification has been defined by the traditional Scotch, Irish and American identities, we are not only bringing to life a product that is extremely unique in taste and process, but we are doing so by highlighting the rich heritage and culture of Mexico.”

Tasting notes for Abasolo Mexican Corn Whisky

Bottle cost: £33.29

The nose begins with notes of vanilla and oak wood. It is a gentle flavour, with hints of caramel and toffee popcorn. Apricot and peach also come through and add a lovely fruity sweetness.

The palate is slightly spicier, with dashes of cinnamon. The mouth feel is smooth and honeyed. Popcorn, caramel and oak wood make for a really lovely dram.

The finish is bold and spicy, lingering on cinnamon.

Abasolo is a brilliant whisky. The flavour profile is unlike anything produced any where else in the world and it brings a whole new dimension to the whisky world. We can only hope for more of this kind of global innovation.

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