The Pocket Guide to Whisky, Featuring The Whisky Tube Map, by Blair Bowman and Nikki Welch

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The Pocket Guide to Whisky was released just in time to celebrate World Whisky Day, which is perfect considering it was co-written by Blair Bowman, who founded World Whisky Day.

It makes sense then that he would turn his passion to a Pocket Guide to Whisky. This new book was written alongside Nikki Welch, who has 15 years of experience in the Wine industry and has previously written the Pocket Guide to Wine.

The authors have created a guide that will aid any novice Whisky drinker in finding the perfect dram for them.  Bowman focuses on taste for his tube map with the drinks being connected via lines representing flavour profiles.

This is a great way to allow readers to uncover more about the drams they like, as well as giving them the opportunity to try similar drams, or to veer off course completely and try a new flavour profile.

By modelling it on a tube map, which Welch did in her first book with Wine, the reader is also able to go on a Whisky journey, by enjoying one stop at a time and then changing at intersections and continuing their adventure that way.

This is a great way to learn more about Whisky and to have a good time doing it.

The map also includes Whiskies from all over the world, such as America, Ireland, Japan and Sweden. Again, this is the perfect way to introduce people to something new, something that they might not have encountered otherwise.

Bowman himself commented, “With the Whisky Tube Map they will easily start to find their way around the vast choice of flavours and aromas you can discover in different whiskies. I just wish it had been around when I fist started to get into whisky.”

If you’re new to the Whisky game then this is definitely the perfect book for you, and if you’ve been enjoying drams for years now, then this could be a new way to gain some extra insight into what you like and what else you might enjoy!

No matter where you are in your Whisky life, there is always room for at least one more pocket guide to the good stuff!

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