Dewar’s 25 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky Review

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Dewar’s are a well known brand that have been around for over a century and today encompass several distilleries and makes.

The Dewar’s 25 Year Old was released recently to replace their Signature and is a brilliant blended Scotch whisky.

Where it all started

Dewar’s began life on Perth High Street, in a grocery store owned by John Dewar. This was not uncommon, and many blended malts started off this way, including Ballantine’s and Johnnie Walker.

They rose in popularity to become one of the best known brands across the world, mostly thanks to the work of John’s sons, John Jr. and Tommy, who took the brand global.


Today the are owned by Bacardi and have five other brands under their name, including Aultmore, The Deveron, Royal Brackla, Craigellachie and their most famous and spiritual home, Aberfeldy.

The 25 Year Old

Bottle cost: £175

Released in 2017 to replace the Dewar’s Signature, this blended Scotch whisky brings together two big names in the Dewar’s portfolio.

This malt has been matured in oak casks before being finished in Royal Brackla casks.

Stephanie MacLeod, Master Distiller at Dewar’s describes it as such:

“Dewar’s 25 is endlessly smooth, rich and elegant. Awakened on the palate: the sophisticated whisky is glorious in its harmony and balance, gently revealing layers of rich fruit, floral notes and delicate honey, with a hint of smoke to finish

The nose opens with lots of honey and slightly floral notes of apple blossom. There is an orchard themed flavour overall, with crisp apples and pears, and a lovely oaky finish.

Soft spices such as cloves and cinnamon appear and add a warming sensation.

The palate really explodes with these flavours, as more fruits join the mix and the oak thickens and becomes richer.

Vanilla, caramel and butterscotch add a creamy sweet note that gives it a soft, thick mouth feel.

These are drizzled over more red apples and some tangy citrus fruits. There is a little hint of peppery spice to add a bit more depth.

The finish is rich and complex, with more oak and a lasting nod towards honey.

This 25 Year Old is the perfect replacement for the Signature and a wonderful marrying of two of Dewar’s brands.

Do you like Dewar’s? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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