Currach Irish Whiskey Atlantic Kombu Seaweed Charred Cask Matured

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This is a whiskey unlike any other we’ve seen before, and all the better for it.

Irish Innovation

Currach Irish Whiskey will have you wishing all whiskey brands were as inventive. Once you try it, you’ll want more of it and you’ll want other whiskey brands to start thinking outside the box a bit more.

You’ve heard of casks made from chestnut, whiskey matured in tequila casks and blends using 2 or 20 whiskies, but I bet you’ve never heard of a whiskey matured in a seaweed charred cask. Until now, obviously.

With the huge increase in the number of Irish whiskey distilleries, which meandered at 4 for the greater part of the 1900s, it’s hard for brands to stand out. Currach Irish Whiskey is making sure they stand out in ways no one else has thought of.

The brand was created by Origin Spirits, a Cork based brand that has also released Kalak Vodka and Ornabrak Gin (both of which are malted?!). Founded by Patrick Shelley in 2013, the company specialises in spirits that are a bit out of the ordinary, and we’re very glad that’s so.

Currach Irish Whiskey Seaweed Charred Cask

If you’re wondering what the process to make a seaweed charred cask is, it’s this. First, they harvested the seaweed from the Atlantic in County Clare, dried it and set it alight inside virgin oak casks. The casks are then rolled to fully take in all the flavour.

So now you know, what does it taste like?

Tasting notes for Currach Irish Whiskey Seaweed Charred Cask

The noes begins with notes of caramel, sweet nuts, sea salt and a hint of brine. It is earthy and rich, with a lovely sweetness against salty seaweed notes.

The palate is slightly darker and richer, with smoke, coffee and mahogany wood. There is more salt and caramel and a lovely hint of oak. Almonds and roasted pecans come through, giving it a wonderful earthy nuttiness.

The finish is smooth and salty, with a lasting note of caramel.

Currach Irish Whiskey will have you wishing more distilleries were thinking outside the box. It is full of flavour and a very exciting release. We will definitely be keeping our eye on the brand.

What do you think of seaweed charred casks? Let us know in the comments!

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