Johnnie Walker Autumn Blend and Winter Blend

Exclusively available at the brand new Princes Street Johnnie Walker visitor centre, Johnnie Walker Autumn Blend and Winter Blend are exceptional whiskies.

Johnnie Walker Experience Exclusives

The new Johnnie Walker Autumn and Winter blends have been produced specially for the brand new visitor centre that has opened in Edinburgh. The visitor centre is shiny and new and full of wonderful treats for whisky lovers. As well as carrying the full Johnnie Walker range, the store also has centre exclusives like the Autumn and Winter blends.

These are the first in a line of exclusive seasonal releases. Both have been aged to 16 years in oak casks and are excellent quality whiskies. Expect to see other batches joining the line up in future as well.

Tasting notes for Johnnie Walker Autumn 16 Year Old Blend

The nose opens with notes of crisp red apples and the aroma of dew covered grass. Oak wood and cinnamon add lovely sweet and spicy notes.

The palate is full of fruit notes and orchard flavours, wrapping up the sweetness of apples and pears with more oak wood and spices. Vanilla and caramel add a lovely depth to the overall flavour.

The finish is long and lingers on wood spices, with a wonderful hint of fruit.

Tasting notes for Johnnie Walker Winter 16 Year Old Blend

The nose begins with lots of spices and lovely sweet flavours. Oak wood brings in vanilla and caramel with big notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The palate brings in dried fruit flavours, raisins and orange peel. There is a slightly sherried note to the flavours. The oak is sweet and warming and really brings the blend to life.

The finish is mellow and lingering, with a lovely sweet edge.

Johnnie Walker’s Autumn and Winter blends are worth visiting the Princes Street visitor centre on their own. Of course there’s lots more to do there but these blends are truly exceptional.

What are your thoughts on the Johnnie Walker Autumn and Winter blends? Have you had the chance to visit their new visitor centre? Start the conversation in the comments!

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