Big Peat Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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What better way to market a full bodied and heavily peated Whisky than creating a character that is the embodiment of those qualities?

That is exactly what Douglas Laing have done with their Big Peat brand.

Meet Big Peat, the bearded, rugged Scot who hails from the smoky isle of Islay.  Wrapped up in his winter jumper he is gruff and burly, but with an underlying tone of sweetness, exactly like the liquid he represents.

Big Peat the Whisky is a wonderful blend created from malts from Port Ellen, Bowmore, CaolIla and Ardbeg.

This is a testament to the blending powers of Douglas Laing as they bring together bold expressions from some of the biggest names in the peat game and use them to create a blend that captures the heart of each one.

With the sweetness of CaolIla, the balance of Bowmore, the elegance of Port Ellen and the earthy, medicinal qualities of Ardbeg, it is no wonder this is such an interesting dram.

The nose opens with a marvellous kick of fresh peat smoke.  You can almost imagine is curling out of the bottle as you take a whiff.

There are strong earthy tones, like damp soil and dew-covered grass, to give a nice undertone to the peat.  It’s almost as if someone poured Islay into a bottle.

There are also hints of bitter dark chocolate, sea salt and freshly roasted coffee beans.  These tie in well with a nice wooded characteristic that is rich and oaky.

The palate will transport you to another place, namely the beach.  The sea air blows through this dram and complements the peaty tang perfectly.

There are sea soaked ropes with an oily mouth feel that makes Big Peat smooth and easy going.  The grass and earthy tones come back as well and are joined by walnuts and peanuts.

The smoke is intense and rich, with a slight dryness that makes this dram not for the faint hearted.

It lasts through to the very end, after a long linger.  The sea air is still there and the peat makes a final, lasting impression.


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