Big Peat 10 Year Old Whisky Review

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Celebrating 10 years of this miraculous dram, Big Peat 10 Year Old is the perfect peated malt.

A Legend

Big Peat was formed in 2009 when independent bottlers Douglas Laing first created it as part of the Remarkable Regional Malts collection. Now he is celebrating his birthday with Big Peat 10 Year Old.

It honours everything Islay and is intensely peated. Like many Douglas Laing malts it is represented with a jaunty character, who is aptly named Big Peat.

Since his inception there have been several bottlings of Big Peat, each one being released to much praise. There have been regular Christmas releases and even a charity bottle to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Fred Laing, chairman of Douglas Laing, said, “Back in 2009, I dreamt up a feisty Ileach fisherman who would later become Big Peat, and subsequently be joined by Scallywag, Timorous Beastie, Rock Oyster, The Epicurean and The Gauldrons to deliver what we so modestly designate our “Remarkable Regional Malts”.

“I’m delighted to see Big Peat continue to grow and develop such a loyal band of followers around the world – this special bottling is a fitting tribute to him.”

Big Peat 10 Year Old Blended Whisky Review

Brought out to mark the 10th anniversary, this Big Peat expression is one of the best yet.

It has all the best flavours of Big Peat, with lots of smoke and sweetness.

Tasting notes for Big Peat 10 Year Old Blended Whisky

Bottle cost: £51.54

The nose begins with thick caramel and peat. From here it develops into vanilla, treacle and natural earthy flavours. Sea side notes of brine and iodine give it a lot of depth.

The palate is packed with toasted white sugar, more caramel, cinnamon heat and lots of peat. The smoke is dense but full of flavour.

There is a tangy paprika and white pepper note, alongside mango and pineapple, which add a lovely zest. Malted grains and oak wood come in and add to the earthy notes of the peat.

The finish is full of smoke and white sugar, bringing together Big Peat’s signature flavours.

If you’ve never had Big Peat before then this is a great one to start with. You’ll only regret having missed out on 10 years of this fantastic malt.

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