Blending my own whisky at The Blend by Chivas in Manchester

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Finally, a whisky event in Manchester, and with one of my favourite whisky brands; The Blend by Chivas.

I was kindly gifted free tickets for my father-in-law and myself to come down and try out the event. I must say that I enjoyed it, I always love blending my own whisky. Just to set expectations, I believe it to be for someone less involved in whisky who wanted to learn about flavour and balance. Also, to understand how some of the most consistent products in the category is produced.  

Regardless of your whisky knowledge, you get to play with flavour yourself. This is whilst creating your very own blend of Chivas from the available whiskies that are positioned on your table upon sitting down. What’s not to love?!

Tickets to The Blend by Chivas cost £15. With that you get a whisky & soda on arrival and a 45-minute blending experience. This includes an overview on the brand, the history of blended Scotch whisky. You also learn how important blended Scotch whisky is to the evolution and the growth of Scotch. Something too many brands do not spend enough time talking about in my opinion. 

As with all blended Scotch whisky – and as reiterated by our The Blend by Chivas host – the base of your blend must be grain whisky. Then the rest of the proportions you can play with yourself. You can do this by adding different components titled ’smoky’, ‘fruity’, ‘creamy’ and ‘citrusy’. 

Now, I know I had Sandy Hyslop quaking in his boots (see his message on Instagram below) as I started putting The Blend by GreatDrams together, but to put his mind at ease, my blend comprised: 

  • 60ml Smoky 
  • 50ml Grain (probably a little light on reflection)
  • 50ml Creamy
  • 30ml Fruity 
  • 10ml Citrus 
The Blend by Chivas
Nervous Blenders…

Once I was happy with the flavour I filled it into my 200ml bottle sporting The Blend by Chivas logo in shiny gold. It was all mine to take home and enjoy. Although part of me wants to send it to a couple of my peers as a blend taste test to see what they think. 

My one gripe with The Blend by Chivas was at the end we were just ushered out past a bar stocked with tonnes of bottles from the Pernod Ricard and Chivas brand portfolios. We were not allowed to try, or to pay to try them which left me a tad perplexed. It made the experience feel a little rushed, we would have happily ordered (and paid) to have drinks at the bar afterwards.

All in all a great event for those who want to understand whisky a bit more. And to have a fun evening where by the end they’ve created their very own limited edition one of one bottle of blended Scotch whisky. Tickets available here.


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