Whisky and Food Pairings for Summer

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Whisky is often stylised as being perfect for the dark winter nights, brooding in front of the fire, but actually it’s can be enjoyed at any time of year.

And with the hot summer months upon us, what better time to enjoy a refreshing dram than now? We’ve gathered the best Whisky and food pairings for summer.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Whisky and summer food pairings so you can enjoy your favourite tipple even in the heat. This is the best season to get to know some really refreshing malts.

While many may pair BBQ meat with Bourbon, we think it’s perfect for the smoky, sea side tones of Talisker. Crack out the beef burgers and sausages, with a lovely charcoal note, and you have the ideal pairing for a rich Talisker. The sea side flavours of salt and brine are the perfect combination to really make your BBQ meat taste amazing. Add in the peat smoke and you will be in BBQ heaven.

Nothing says British Summertime like Strawberries & Cream, whether you’re watching the tennis or not. Pair it with a Balblair 12 Year Old and you have the ideal treat for summer evenings. This dram is fruity and fresh, with loads of sweet honeyed notes and a little hint of aromatic spice. The fruity flavours are bold and natural, complementing the strawberries & cream perfectly.

To really bring out the best flavours of smoked salmon, enjoy it alongside a Caol Ila 12 Year Old. Smoked Salmon is one of the best parts of summer. Dining, with its fresh flavours and versatility. Caol Ila 12 will enhance those smoky notes and bring out all the best flavours. The sea side notes of this island malt will also help to complement the fish flavours.

You can probably tell what this dram tastes like from the name. It is rich with honeyed notes and lots of sweet flavours. And who doesn’t love a good sweet pastry on a summer’s morning? We recommend this malt with any selection of pastries. The honeyed flavours bring out the buttery notes in the pastry and complement anything from cinnamon buns to pecan twists.

Auchentoshan drams are triple distilled, making them light and floral. Pair them with an easy salad and you have a summer night’s dream. Fresh veg salads, or even a fruit salad will go well with this sweet, fruity dram. The oranges, peaches and pears of the body will really bring out the freshness of your food. There is also a lovely honeyed note that is perfect for any summer time salad.

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