4 Eye-Catching Marketing Strategies for Whisky Brands

As anybody in business will tell you, marketing and advertising are everything in the corporate world, especially a highly competitive one such as the whisky industry.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your whisky tastes, if you can’t grab people’s attention and make them want to try your product, you’re not going to get anywhere fast. You may as well produce a budget value range like you’d find at your local supermarket. Whisky deserves better than that, and so do the amazing people who create it.

In order to help whisky to grow, it not only needs a brand, it needs a story. It needs to resonate with those who consume it. This is where the power of marketing and advertising enters the picture. A whisky with a strong marketing campaign behind it will do better than one that doesn’t, regardless of taste. It may not be right, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Here’s a look at just a few common marketing strategies and techniques employed by whisky/whiskey brands to help their products stand out.

Emotional Ads

From Dewar’s ‘Live True’ to my personal favourite Bell’s ‘The Reader’ you can’t underestimate the power of emotion, especially when it comes to advertising.

‘The Reader’ from Bell’s for example, really gets me in the feels. It encompasses everything there is to love about a whisky/whiskey brand. It covers topics such as family, the passing of time, emotion, and the importance of living in the here and now.

Dewar’s ‘Live True’ also pulls on the heart strings and pushes the message of self-belief and being true to yourself.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, with sites such as YouTube and social media, brands are now able to create their own ads, and share them to the world.

Tell Your Story

All brands have a story, with some more interesting than others. Another great way to engage your audience and reel them in, is to tell your brand’s story.

The Dalmore for example, features a silver stag’s head for its logo. The story of how this came to be is very interesting and makes for great reading.

Any whisky brands looking to showcase their products could certainly do far worse than use their own story as a way of advertising, and maybe even branding, their products.

Celebrities and Influencers

Yes, we know that so-called “influencers” aren’t generally viewed favourably, but the simple fact is that the greater their reach is, the more your brand can benefit.

For decades, whisky brands have collaborated with people in the public eye, case in point, the late, great, Sean Connery in the hilariously awkward Suntory Whiskey ad.

Photo Credit: The Dalmore
Photo Credit: Dekanta

Limited Edition Bottles and Packaging

Another way of adding prestige and the impression of value to a product, especially a spirit, is to offer limited edition packaging and/or bottles.

Kraken rum for example, of which I’m also a fan, are renowned for this. In the mid-2010s, they collaborated with Wade ceramics to create a series of limited-edition bottles which are now highly collectible and are increasing in value.

Many whisky/whiskey brands have done the same. Johnnie Walker are well known for this, and it certainly seems to have helped them.  

Photo Credit: Master of Malt
Photo Credit: Johnnie Walker

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