A masterclass in whisky and chocolate with Glen Moray

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In mid-January, Glen Moray, one of the most underrated whiskies in my opinion, invited myself and Kirsty along to the launch evening for their new Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky Port Cask Finish.

Not only that but the event was indeed a masterclass in whisky and chocolate featuring no less than seven Glen Moray expressions and four incredible chocolates from Paul A. Young, master chocolatier.

The setting? Only one of my favourite restaurants in London, Boisdale in Canary Wharf, where I go for a Christmas dinner with ex-Reuters colleagues each year.

The restaurant is a homage to Scotland in its entirety with tartan finishes to chairs and notable detailing we will go into at a later date.

On the evening of the masterclass, about 30 of us, including IWSC head Ewan Gunn who you might remember from his interview for GreatDrams, sat around a long highland estate style dining table as we were introduced to the whiskies and chocolates in turn.

From salted caramel sensations to a caramel ‘Dairy Milk’ and whisky truffle the chocolates were sublime.

We both said that, like most things, you don’t really get to understand the back story, the passion, the brilliance and provenance of such luxury items until you attend events such as this. Kirst ended up going out of her way the day after to by me [read: us] a present consisting of a number of Paul A. Young’s iconic chocolates, we were that impressed.

And the whiskies?

We tried seven, as I mentioned, including:

  1. Glen Moray Classic
  2. Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish

  3. Glen Moray 10 Year Old Chardonnay Cask Finish
  4. Glen Moray 12 Year Old
  5. Glen Moray 16 Year Old
  6. Glen Moray 25 Year Old
  7. and a special dram at cask strength, drawn from a cask at the distillery that week which won’t be bottled for many-a-year

I’m going to be writing a full range review at a later date but what struck me was how much breadth there is to the Glen Moray range, more than I’ve experienced with most whiskies. They have really experimented and, by all accounts, had fun creating a varied set of products where I’m confident every whisky drinker will find one they enjoy, if not love.

Thanks to Glen Moray for the invite, for a lovely night and for showing me how varied and complimentary a whisky range can be.

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