10 Experiences Every Whisky Drinker Should Have at Least Once

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Like in any good coming of age movie, there are times in a person’s life when they realise this is why they’re alive.

Ok, well maybe nothing quite as dramatic, but there are significant moments, and for a lot of you reading this, those moments will be wrapped up in Whisky.

Here is a sort of Bucket List of some of the best things you can do to truly experience Whisky.

1. Go on a Whisky holiday

Going on a Whisky holiday could be quite expensive depending on how far away from Scotland you live, but it could also be one of the most rewarding experiences on this list. Companies such as Scottish Routes have purpose made tours from you to chose from, depending on where you would like to visit. This is a great way to learn about Whisky by visiting distilleries, as well as getting to view the magnificent scenery around them up close.

2. Go to Islay and Speyside

This ties in pretty well with out first point, but is a bit more specific. Of course you could choose any Whisky region to visit, but these are perhaps the two most well known and the most populated. Speyside has the most distilleries of any region, but Islay has eight that are all in good distance of each other, meaning you can plausible visit them all in a weekend. This experience will teach you so much about Whisky in general and is a fantastic way to experience brands themselves.

3. Go to your favourite distillery

This one is pretty simple and perhaps a bit obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. Going to visit your favourite distillery will only fuel your love for it. You’ll get to learn from the experts and see the Whisky making process as it happens. What better way to experience your favourite dram than in its birthplace? Of course, this one only works if your favourite distillery is actually open to visitors, but if it’s not, why not call ahead and see if you can get a private tour?

4. Go to a Whisky tasting

It doesn’t have to be professional but going to a Whisky Tasting is a great experience to bring you closer to the drink as well as allowing you to meet some like minded people. This is a great place to chat about Whisky and why you love, and to learn from the experiences of others. It’s also great if your wife is sick of hearing you talk about the water of life since you’ll probably save your marriage by getting out of the house to discuss it instead!

5. Host a Whisky tasting

Now, once your wife has come round, why not invite her to a Whisky tasting in your own home and get her to understand to true majesty of a good dram? Hosting a Whisky tasting gives you the chance to impress on your loved ones exactly why Whisky is the best. You can share your knowledge and glean a little from them as well. It doesn’t have to be with novices either, host a tasting for those already educated in the art of the dram and you will definitely not regret it.

6. Use a hipflask

Using a hipflask is a life experience we should all have at least once. It makes you look flawlessly cool, and if you have your favourite dram in there, what’s not to love? There are lots of amazing hipflask brands out there, with the X Flask leading the way in coolness points. It’s also always good when you’re about to go into the world’s longest team meeting as well, but you didn’t hear that from us!

7. Make your own Whisky cocktail

What’s better than buying a Whisky cocktail at a bar? Making it yourself! Crafting your own cocktail gives you complete control over the ingredients and may just teach you a thing of two about your favourite dram. Experiment and go wild, there are no restrictions when you’re making your own. And if anyone complains about Whisky only being drank neat, smack ‘em with an old fashioned and see how they like it then!

8. Go to a Whisky bar

There are lots of Whisky bars out there that will have a wall of bottles and a fantastic atmosphere. This is the perfect setting to try something you’ve never had before without committing to a full bottle of it. Going to a dedicated Whisky bar also means you can glean plenty of knowledge from bar staff as well, whether it’s about new expressions to try or about different serves to complement certain flavours.

9. Drink from a Quiach

A Quiach is a traditional Scottish drinking bowl with two handles on either side. If you really want to experience Whisky as the Scots once did, way back in the day, and the way many still do, then go for a Quiach. You can buy them online, but the best experience with a Quiach is when you’re in Scotland and someone hands it to you, but you never know, maybe on your Whisky holiday it might just happen!

10. Broaden your horizons

Simply put, get out there a re drink some Whiskies that aren’t from Scotland, America, Ireland or Japan. There are loads of different countries that produce amazing Whisky. You can get the award winning Kavalan from Taiwan, or the incredible Canadian Club from Canada. And those are only two of thousands of possibilities. Expanding your Whisky horizon will not only give you an experience of many different flavours, but it will also allow you to appreciate your own favourites more, or even to find new favourites!

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