Teeling Small Batch Collaboration Pinot Noir Matured Blended Irish Wihskey

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Another innovative release from Teeling, who have been pushing boundaries and flavour profiles to the limit.

Collaboration at its finest

Teeling are becoming world class leaders when it comes to collaboration. They have worked with multiple producers on a really diverse range of drinks, each one unique and brilliant. In recent times they’ve worked with the Genys Brewery in Lithuania, Kyro Distillery in Finland, and even Munroes to create the exclusive Jamaican Jerk Crisps.

That’s quite a roster of partners and with their Pinot Noir Blend, they are doing it again. This will in fact be the second time that the distillery has worked with Reichsrat von Buhl, a natural wine producer in Germany. The first pairing was for a Reisling matured whiskey and the success of the malt brought them to create the Pinot Noir Matured Blend.

Available only in Germany, and with a limited release of around 3000 bottles, there isn’t a lot to go around. We can hope that Teeling decide to collaborate a third time, because this is excellent whiskey. The whiskey has been matured for six years in ex-Bourbon barrels, before being finished for 12 months in the best Pinot Noir casks.

Tasting notes for Teeling Pinot Noir Small Batch Collaboration Blended Irish Whiskey

Bottle cost: €50.00

The nose opens with fresh, crisp notes of oak wood and vanilla. Black cherries with notes of sweet nuts also come through. It is a really rich and elegant start, combining the sophistication of wine perfectly with the hardiness of the whiskey.

The palate is sweet and smooth. Vanilla continues to abound, with more hints of earthy tones and a lovely oaky note. There are some hints of summer berries, with a slightly tart edge and a warming note of warm spices in the background.

The finish is strong, with notes of summer fruit and warming spice.

Teeling have really done it again with this blend. Their Small Batch Collaborations series has been a delight throughout. Fingers crossed there are more to come!

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