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To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Angel’s Envy have released a particularly special Bourbon.

Bourbon Innovators

Angel’s Envy first started in 2010 when Lincoln Henderson and his son Wes decided to finish their homemade bourbon in Port pipes. This was the first time bourbon had been finished in anything except virgin oak casks. Typically, bourbon isn’t finished and the very thought would make most Bourbon purists shudder.

While some question what they do at Angel’s Envy, the quality is undeniable. Whether you want to call is bourbon or not, either way the brand makes excellent whisky. They have expanded in the last 10 years and as well as a Port expression they now offer Rum, Sherry, Tawny Port and a Cask Strength.

Japanese Influence

Now, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, the brand are releasing a Mizunara finished bourbon. Mizunara is Japanese oak and casks made from this wood typically give off a floral flavour. More and more brands have started using Mizunara casks to finish their malts, including Chivas Regal and Bowmore.

The wood is quite porous, so hasn’t been hugely embraced for more long term maturation. The flavours that come out of it can really add another dimension to whisky and it is a common feature in Japanese maturation.

This is the first bourbon to be finished in Mizunara, but that is nothing new for Angel’s Envy. It is made from a blend of four year old and nine year old bourbon which has been matured for two years in mizunara casks.

Tasting notes for Angel’s Envy Mizunara Bourbon

The nose opens with notes of cherry, sticky toffee and apple pie. It is sweet and slightly smoky. The flavours are aromatic and very rich. A lovely wooded note also comes through.

The palate is full of fruit, sweet nuts, caramel and vanilla. There is a delicate oak wood note with the tell-tale mizunara notes of cherry blossom and floral aromas. Bananas and apples add a lovely depth.

The finish is gentle with a lasting note of smoke.

This is a first for Angel’s Envy and for bourbon but it is one of the best firsts we’ve ever had. The lightness of the mizunara is the perfect complement for the bourbon.

What do you think of mizunara aged bourbon? Let us know in the comments!

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