FlickrGet the right glasses. And then all you’ll have to do is pour.
There’s nothing quite like a sip of whiskey.

Just imagine those rich dried fruits and sherry flavors balanced with wood smoke and spice.


But if you want to enjoy the flavors of the drink, you’re going to need the right things in your home bar.

Because when it comes to alcohol, the wrong glassware can completely ruin the taste.

We’ve put together a guide of what kind of things you’ll need in your home for optimal whiskey drinking. Enjoy.

Whiskey glasses

whiskey glassesAmazonRavenscroft

This is how the pros drink their whiskey. The slightly tighter top of the glass keeps the aromas inside. And the curved bottom is perfect for cupping, which will keep the whiskey warm as you drink it. 

Pro-tip: use these if you are drinking your whiskey neat, and truly want to appreciate the flavors of the drink.

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass (set of 4): $28.00

Whiskey tumblers

whiskey tumblersAmazon

Movies always show the Cool Guy drinking his whiskey out of a tumbler. But, technically speaking, this glass shape is best used for whiskey on the rocks or whiskey cocktails.

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor double old fashioned glasses (set of 4): $42.99

A decanter

whiskey decanterAmazon

As with wine, a decanter helps bring out the flavors of the drink. We recommend getting a nicely designed bottle that can act like a decorative piece in your living room or liquor cabinet.

James Scott crystal decanter, 750 ml: $34.98

Whiskey barrel

whiskey barrelAmazon

If you prefer the more casual Americana feel, we recommend going for a whiskey barrel instead of a decanter. The woodiness gives off that classic, rustic vibe.

Personalized 2-liter oak whiskey barrel: $59.96

Spherical ice

ice ball roller whiskeyAmazon

If you must put ice in your drink (or if you’re drinking a whiskey cocktail that calls for ice), we recommend keeping it spherical.

This shape adds a certain glamour that you just don’t get from your everyday ice cubes.

CoolPartee ice ball maker mold: $12.99 $9.99

Whiskey stones

whiskey stonesAmazon

Whiskey stones are a great alternative to ice, as they don’t water down the drink. However, be careful with them because they can scratch up your glasses.

Whiskey magic arctic stones (9 piece): $19.95