Limited edition Glencairn whisky glass

The limited edition GreatDrams Glencairn glass


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Experience whisky as it should be experienced

To truly enjoy a fine single malt whisky, everybody knows that you need the proper drinking vessel. It’s no good taking a fine, aged, smooth malt whisky that’s full of character, from a prestigious distillery, and then glugging it straight from the bottle. A good single malt whisky should be savoured and sipped properly. That’s why a proper whisky glass is so important.

Those of you who have been using tumblers or copitas (nosing glasses) for a long time, will know that these malt whisky glasses have a number of limitations. Sure, they’re better than swigging out of the bottle, or a plastic bottle, but to truly get the aroma of the whisky on the nose, they are somewhat lacking.

This is where this Glencairn whisky glass enters the fold. This award winning glass won the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2006. Ever since, it’s been delivering a Scottish malt whisky experience like no other.

As you know, once you’ve feasted on the whisky with your eyes and have taken in its stunning amber colour, your whisky experience begins on the nose. The glass is designed to offer the perfect tapering at the top for nosing the whisky and really take in all those complex notes and that stunning aroma.

For boosting the actual flavour of your whisky spirit of choice, it also features a spacious bowl below. This will help amplify the taste of the whisky, helping you to savour its character and enjoy the perfect balance.

A pet-peeve of mine is that I often find that most nosing copitas tend to have thin stems. I’m always scared of breaking mine, especially after more than one or two drams on a Saturday night. That’s why I love this glass. It’s sturdy and bulky at the base for added comfort and stability, without feeling too clunky. A good single malt whisky glass should feel comfortable in the hand between sips, and this glass definitely does.

Whether you drink your whisky neat, on the rocks, or even in a cocktail, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your overall drinking experience when using the Glencairn Whisky Glass. It also makes the perfect gift for whisky lovers. See for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.


Please note that we reuse packaging where viable and sustainable to do so – you may receive this product in a box that has been used before as for us that’s the best form of recycling and forms part of our sustainability policy that can be viewed here: – if you specifically wish to have a brand new box for the bottle / bottles to be shipped in please state this in the order notes. 

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