Treat Someone Special in Your Life this Valentine’s Day to a Whisky Subscription

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and with Father’s Day closer than you think, what better time to start thinking about treating that special somebody in your life?

Traditionally, we think of gifts like flowers, chocolates, socks, and beer for these occasions. While there’s nothing wrong with that, they’re hardly the most imaginative, and they’ll likely be about as well received as a meat eater at a Vegan barbeque.

If you want to get a little more inventive and creative, how about a wee dram in the form of a bottle of whisky?

Whisky’s one of those spirits that can be enjoyed on any occasion, for any reason. The only real problem with drinking whisky, other than running out, is the lack of options for whisky connoisseurs. Walk into any supermarket or generic off-licence and you can already probably predict which whiskies they’ll have on their shelves. This is where a whisky subscription proves so useful.

Here’s a look at why a whisky subscription box from is the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion.

What is a Great Drams whisky subscription box?

For whisky lovers looking to grow their whisky collection and add limited-edition whiskies and premium quality whiskies that can’t be purchased in shops, or even online, this whisky subscription box is the perfect gift.

As the name implies, Great Drams’ whisky subscription box is a monthly subscription service in which you can enjoy bottles of limited-edition whisky delivered straight to your door each month, along with other perks and benefits.

With prices starting at just £9.99, you simply select one of four plans (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) and let the team at Great Drams handle the rest. They’ll curate each box and ship on the first month of each month, meaning you’ll receive limited-edition whisky direct to your door each month.

There’s even an exclusive video to accompany your dram, so you can learn more about it as you enjoy it.

Whisky Club packages

Before signing up, customers must first choose which package they’d like to subscribe to. These consist of:

Bronze £9.99/per month

  • 25ml limited edition sample
  • Tracked shipping included

Silver £14.50/per month

  • 50ml limited edition sample
  • Tracked shipping included

Gold £39.99/per month

  • 20cl limited-edition whisky bottle
  • Virtual periodic tastings
  • Complimentary welcome dram
  • Next month’s bottle preview
  • Tracked shipping included

Platinum £79.99/per month

  • 50cl limited-edition bottle of whisky
  • Virtual tastings periodically
  • Complimentary welcome dram
  • Next month’s bottle preview
  • Tracked shipping included

Why choose a Great Dram Whisky Subscription?

With so many whisky subscription boxes out there, why should you choose Great Drams?

Enjoy whiskies you can’t find anywhere else

One of the main reasons why the Great Drams subscription boxes have proved so popular is because they’re so unique. You get to enjoy whiskies that you can’t find anywhere else.

The team at Great Drams take great care to select whiskies each month that are incredibly rare and are unable to be purchased commercially. In fact, the bottles that you receive cannot be purchased outside of this subscription. You certainly won’t find them in shops, and in fact, you won’t even find them on the Great Drams website. If you want unique, this is the box for you.

You certainly won’t find any ‘Proper Twelve’ in here (not that there’s anything wrong with that, please don’t tell Conor we said that).

Premium quality whisky

Each whisky you receive is not just limited-edition, but is also a premium-quality whisky.

The curators packing the boxes each month select only the very finest of whiskies. Before a dram is selected, it must first meet a very complex set of criteria. If it does, only then is it deemed worthy for you, the loyal customer.

With years of experience with award-winning whiskies, you know the whisky you receive will be of the very finest quality, and will taste absolutely divine.

Try something new

The great thing about this type of subscription box is the fact that each month you get something new, so you never know what you might get.

One month you may receive a peaty, earthy, oaky dry whisky, whereas next month’s could be fruitier, smoother, and sweeter.

Cancel anytime

Finally, if for any reason, you wish to cancel or pause your subscription, you can do so at anytime, with no hassle, no questions, and no fees.

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