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That time of year again when it is appropriate to look at the stats (like I don’t do that every week anyway…) and see how each article is doing and which are getting the most reads. I hope you enjoy the top GreatDrams articles of 2014, I hope to welcome you back to GreatDrams in 2015.

1. Ardbeg Supernova Review

Link: https://www.greatdrams.com/review-ardbeg-supernova-2014/

Following wildly well received editions in 2009 and 2010, Ardbeg’s peatiest whisky to date returns for Ardbeg Supernova 2014.

Ardbeg never fails to get the excitement bubbling, and none moreso than when I read the title to their latest press release whilst on leave; Ground Control to Major Dram.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a review sample to see if the latest edition was as out of this world as its illustrious predecessors.

2. 5 steps to starting your whisky cabinet

Link: https://www.greatdrams.com/5-steps-to-starting-your-whisky-cabinet/

You must be here for one of two reasons; you are a budding whisky collector or you know someone who is. In truth there are probably many other reasons you’d want to read a post about starting your whisky cabinet but I took a punt.

I’ve been collecting whisky since 2007 and have amassed around 200 bottles, 75 of which are still either full or in progress, the rest have been consumed, enjoyed, savoured, shared and now archived to be used as some kind of decoration later in life. But that’s another story.

In that time I’ve informally advised friends and colleagues on where to begin so have put together these five top tips for when you are starting your whisky cabinet.

3. A look at whisky as an investment

Link: https://www.greatdrams.com/whisky-as-an-investment/

As a whisky collector of around seven years I have often wondered if some of my precious liquids were of investment grade or not. This led me to speak to the knowledge base that is Whisky Highland about whisky as an investment.

It all came about rather quickly, I had been reading a lot about using whisky as an investment mechanic, something increasingly more prevalent in Asia and the more I read, the more I wanted to know and understand so I got in touch with Andy Simpson, founder of Whisky Highland to find out more.

4. Whisky Bucket List

Link: https://www.greatdrams.com/whisky-bucket-list/

Welcome to the GreatDrams Whisky Bucket List. This rather long page (word count 24,837 if you’re interested) is my attempt to focus myself to ensuring I try as many of the world’s greatest whiskies whilst providing my readers, or GreatDramers if you will, a one stop hub of information about these incredible liquids.

The premise is pretty simple; this is a living list so will be added to and updated as I journey through life as a whisky writer and consultant so please do email me any ideas for additions to: [email protected] and I will happily add.

Each one has a status: Still to try, Sampled, Own and also links through to where you can get your hands on the product yourself and a review if there is one as yet on GreatDrams.

5. Top 5 Christmas presents for whisky lovers

Link: https://www.greatdrams.com/top-5-christmas-presents-whisky-lovers/

I get asked all the time what I would recommend as presents for whisky lovers so it felt fitting to knock together a quick list of the top 5 Christmas presents for whisky lovers so you all know!


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